SuperMom needed a Sidekick

Many people say every mother is a superhero, it’s a great compliment. Downside many mothers don’t ask for help when they need it, this I did today. My girls had a doctor appointment today, I was excited to have they done at the same time. Until I realized that shots will be given. (Dum dum dun <- scary music) My goodness, I was calm as relaxed my older daughter was half way done and I could feel myself tensing up, she cried and screamed. After she calmed down it was her little sisters turn, which went fine until the second shot. We had two shots down and took a small break, after she calmed down she had two more done and she cried. The nurse left and both girls were crying and sniffling, my only thought was, why the heck did I think I could do this on my own.
But I did, I did this on my own. I was drained and tired after checking out and loading the car of both girls, the diaper bag and my purse. But for all the chaos I put myself through, I look in my rear view mirror to see both girls calm and slowing realizing that their pain is leaving. I even hear a little giggles followed by some chatter between the girls. My only thought now is, they must know that they have each other to share every and any experience with. By the time we get home I see that they both are sleepy so it becomes nap time, and we three are able to relax and enjoy our day.

Who Owns Who?

When my husband and I got together I had a cat named Dinky, and yes he is not small at all. Well 2 children later and my husband wants another dog, we both had dogs growing up and I believe a family is not complete without animals from one animal to let’s just say many for one day I would love to own a farm. (Not like a huge working farm but some place where I could have chickens, a cow or two maybe some goats and it would be awesome to have a horse.) But back to our current animals, I decided that if (luck will happen) we get a dog it has to match some qualifications. It could not be small, long haired or drool to much. Not many, just a few that I had to make sure that I couldn’t drop kick the thing over a fence, not that I would but I don’t look down to often when I walk and stepping on your dog would suck. (I already have to keep an eye out for my kids, and they are a handful.) My other thing I wanted was that the dog to be free, because no dog is actually free, adding up food and vet bills is enough payment for a ‘free dog’. So Craigslist was where we went ‘shopping’ for our dog. After a few days we can across Big Ace, the name should have warned me but he was so cute. Price:free Awesome! He is half Black Labrador and half Great Dane, both are family dogs so that would be great for us. Down side, he’s a shadow even when I have to pee. (Not like I had any privacy before but what little I had I cherished) But he’s the best addiction to our family, besides my two daughters. My kids climb on him and lay with him and all he does in return is sigh a deep sigh and lick my girls.
However, I started my life with Dinky and Dinky was mine. Alas I am wrong, my cat (that I raised from a kitten) had chosen my husband as his own. But I believe I have gotten the better part of this marvelous deal, Ace had become firmly attached to me. I may have fought tooth and nail to not have a dog in the house but I must say I was wrong. A dog is exactly what our family needed, it is always a comfort that when my husband works nights Ace is close by making sure his whole family is safe and sound every night.

CleanWell Natural Hand Sanitizer Wipes

So I  have to rave about this awesome wipe, not like a childs butt wipe but something way better. It’s the best product I have gotten. I got it free in my influensters naturals voxbox and I am going to buy more. I used mine to remove my makeup and it worked so well on my water proof mascera and super glittery eyeshadow. The best part was that it didn’t burn my eye. I saw that it stated that on the package and thought Hmmm  I should test this out, and I did and it doesn’t sting at all, I rubbed my eye-ball and nothing. The scent was amazeballs, its like a spa smell but way less than spending a tonnage of money. This is a buy that I will be going to make in the near future, like PAYDAY!

Happy reading, I have included their website for anyone who wants some of their items.

Naturals VoxBox

All these items are free
So receiving my influenster voxbox I get samples that I try out and integrate into my daily life. In the box I got: CleanWell Individual Hand Sanitizer Wipes, this was meant for you to refresh yourself and I must say it was like a little packet of heaven, not only did it smell wonderful I used it to remove some eye makeup and I got my eye and it did not sting at all. I also got LypSyl™ Intense Protection LypMoisturizer, its awesome! My lips are so soft and I don’t get that sticky feeling on my lips and its all natural with bee’s wax. Then I got EBOOST Natural Energy, it tasted go great I mixed mine with some ginger ale due to disliking flavored water, and it tasted to great. It was an orange flavor it reminds me of Hawaii and the beach so much. I also received a SheaMoisture Raw Shea, Chamomile & Argan Baby Bar Soap, this bar is so great. I usually don’t use bars due to I always drop them on my feet but this bar is so perfect for my skin. It’s so gentle I used it on my kids and they loved it too, my husband also used it to wash his hands and his hands are softer. My all time favorite thing I got was The Original Dish Drying Mat, I love this item due to its nature of holding a lot of water that drips off my dishes, I finally can use both sides of my sink now and not worrying about water and soap hitting my just cleaned dishes. I got some GEODEO Deodorant and this stuff works, sounds strange to say I sweat a lot but I do (chasing 2 kdis areounf) and this stuff actually works 24 hours, or it feels like it. I will be buying more of this. NECTRESSE Sweetener was another item I got and I used it in my coffee and man oh man was that tasty, it was not over bearing like many natural sweetener and you could actually taste it in your coffee. AMAZEBALLS!
So I can tell you don’t believe that I got all these items FREE, I did and all you do is sign up at and start earning badges and posting blogs, taking pics and telling your friends and you too will soon be getting items completely FREE!
Happy Reading!

Pinterest and the addicting Pins has thousands of pins for home cleaners and I pinned a few and actually made 2 of them. I made the bathroom/tub cleaner and the “shout” product. So following directions very carefully (who knows what would happen if I did not) I have sprayed my front bathroom shower down. Other than needing a fan going and maybe a mask due to the vinegar smell holding my nose hostage (I have the fan running now and need mask for next time) I have ventured into the world of home-made things. I have high hopes that not all cleaners that I made make me want to give up and let my house just self imploded of dirtiness I have vowed to become a better housewife (don’t laugh, well you can just don’t tell me). But so far on day 2 of becoming a better person all around (still don’t want to start exercing but I will) so far so good. But for now I have a basket of clean clothes to fold and more to wash but I swear I had just finished my laundry, I think some other family is putting their dirty clothes in my baskets. 

Happy reading and I will include the pins for the home made bath cleaner and shout.  tub cleaner  shout cleaner

Influensters, best site for free samples.

So I joined over a year ago and I was not that serious about it but now being a stay at home wife and mother aka housewife. I have decided my other ‘job’ or outlet would be to try out samples and blog about why I love them or why they are a waste of time. So far every sample from has been a blessing and has helped me in finding new products that I have inter-graded in my life. So hopefully when my girls take a nap I can blog about some of those free items. 

Happy Reading!