has thousands of pins for home cleaners and I pinned a few and actually made 2 of them. I made the bathroom/tub cleaner and the “shout” product. So following directions very carefully (who knows what would happen if I did not) I have sprayed my front bathroom shower down. Other than needing a fan going and maybe a mask due to the vinegar smell holding my nose hostage (I have the fan running now and need mask for next time) I have ventured into the world of home-made things. I have high hopes that not all cleaners that I made make me want to give up and let my house just self imploded of dirtiness I have vowed to become a better housewife (don’t laugh, well you can just don’t tell me). But so far on day 2 of becoming a better person all around (still don’t want to start exercing but I will) so far so good. But for now I have a basket of clean clothes to fold and more to wash but I swear I had just finished my laundry, I think some other family is putting their dirty clothes in my baskets. 

Happy reading and I will include the pins for the home made bath cleaner and shout.  tub cleaner  shout cleaner

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