When my husband and I got together I had a cat named Dinky, and yes he is not small at all. Well 2 children later and my husband wants another dog, we both had dogs growing up and I believe a family is not complete without animals from one animal to let’s just say many for one day I would love to own a farm. (Not like a huge working farm but some place where I could have chickens, a cow or two maybe some goats and it would be awesome to have a horse.) But back to our current animals, I decided that if (luck will happen) we get a dog it has to match some qualifications. It could not be small, long haired or drool to much. Not many, just a few that I had to make sure that I couldn’t drop kick the thing over a fence, not that I would but I don’t look down to often when I walk and stepping on your dog would suck. (I already have to keep an eye out for my kids, and they are a handful.) My other thing I wanted was that the dog to be free, because no dog is actually free, adding up food and vet bills is enough payment for a ‘free dog’. So Craigslist was where we went ‘shopping’ for our dog. After a few days we can across Big Ace, the name should have warned me but he was so cute. Price:free Awesome! He is half Black Labrador and half Great Dane, both are family dogs so that would be great for us. Down side, he’s a shadow even when I have to pee. (Not like I had any privacy before but what little I had I cherished) But he’s the best addiction to our family, besides my two daughters. My kids climb on him and lay with him and all he does in return is sigh a deep sigh and lick my girls.
However, I started my life with Dinky and Dinky was mine. Alas I am wrong, my cat (that I raised from a kitten) had chosen my husband as his own. But I believe I have gotten the better part of this marvelous deal, Ace had become firmly attached to me. I may have fought tooth and nail to not have a dog in the house but I must say I was wrong. A dog is exactly what our family needed, it is always a comfort that when my husband works nights Ace is close by making sure his whole family is safe and sound every night.


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