Many people say every mother is a superhero, it’s a great compliment. Downside many mothers don’t ask for help when they need it, this I did today. My girls had a doctor appointment today, I was excited to have they done at the same time. Until I realized that shots will be given. (Dum dum dun <- scary music) My goodness, I was calm as relaxed my older daughter was half way done and I could feel myself tensing up, she cried and screamed. After she calmed down it was her little sisters turn, which went fine until the second shot. We had two shots down and took a small break, after she calmed down she had two more done and she cried. The nurse left and both girls were crying and sniffling, my only thought was, why the heck did I think I could do this on my own.
But I did, I did this on my own. I was drained and tired after checking out and loading the car of both girls, the diaper bag and my purse. But for all the chaos I put myself through, I look in my rear view mirror to see both girls calm and slowing realizing that their pain is leaving. I even hear a little giggles followed by some chatter between the girls. My only thought now is, they must know that they have each other to share every and any experience with. By the time we get home I see that they both are sleepy so it becomes nap time, and we three are able to relax and enjoy our day.


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