So I have my oldest daughter who turns 2 in December and my youngest who is 6 months and 2 weeks old. I don’t try to compare my kids to each other because they are each who they are and it’s not fair to compare anybody to anyone else.
So I won’t lie Gabby (oldest) just cold turkey stopped with breast feeding at 6 months, so when I was pregnant with Ally (youngest) I was thinking wouldn’t it be awesome if she did the same. Well nope, Gabby stopped due to her first tooth coming in, Ally has her first tooth poking through (whoo-hoo) but she’s taking a different course of action. Ally has decided to revert back to breastfeeding. A small set back due to Ally only liking midnight snacks, but I think my concern is more of fear that she might bite me. But she has bitten me twice before she had her tooth poke through. And both times I flinched and she looked at me like ‘oh’, so I believe she knows she hurt me, however, I won’t lie I was hoping she would have weened of a bit.
But for now I’ll enjoy having those sweet bonding moments with my child, for one day she will want nothing to do with me and my heart will sink.
Happy Reading, my oldest needs me now.


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