I am a stay at home mom, and I can’t imagine my life any other way. But there are some days where I think I could go back to work and have my girls in daycare, but then some uber cute happens and I change my mind. But lately with the holidays and my younger daughter being more mobile it has made it hard to keep my blog updated, but when I have time I will be back on here. So far this has been the second that my youngest daughter has slept in her crib. Yes I co-sleep, and yes I know the many dangers and I have talked to my pedi and even he says that he had also co-slept. (He said a happy wife make a happy life, and his wife co-slept.) So really it has been a work in progress, I started with leaving my shirt from the day in her crib with still nothing. I tried half laying into her crib and sliding her off my arm but as soon as I made it to my bed she would cry. I had tried everything and like her sister, they have just weaned themselves to their own space. My oldest slept in her crib at six months about the same time she quit breastfeeding, and my youngest is weaning herself off, she is becoming more independent and branching out from being my little baby girl, she is eight months old. But I just want to hold on to the baby time and never let her grow up, but than again it would be nice to get my daily duties done without a child in my arms. But than again maybe later….way later we might add to our family again. Maybe.

Well happy holidays and enjoy everyday!


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