So my family has wonderfully caught that oh so sweet bug that was flying around lately. So first I was sick, magically healed in about two days (power of being a mom). Then my husband caught it, which always puts him out of work for two days (and he is always super babyish about it). The worst thing possible was both of my girls caught it, seriously like WTF! So last night was well horrible wont’t even describe it, there are no words. But here goes the story, out oldest was in bed with us, her younger sister on my chest when out of nowhere, Gabby sits up, cries a little, leans forward and BARFS! My first thought was ‘awesome, great timing’, then I got into action. I rush into Ally’s room and put her down, she thankfully stays asleep. Run back to the our bed and my husband is holding Gabby soothing her, sweet but not really helping. So I take Gabby while Joe strips the bed and towels up any left over ‘liquid’ on our mattress, not just any mattress a pillow top (so basically a huge spongy bed that I’m sure is already filled with breast milk and formula stains). So I’m in our master bath and Gabby does not want to be in the tub, oh joy so now it’s a wipe down bath with cool water to help bring back down her body heat, (did I mention that she had an 101 fever before all this, no well I just did). Check her temp again and it’s 98.5, score the medicine worked! She’s liking the cool wipe down, and she’s starting to want to cuddle, so diaper change (better do it now before she gets all crabby again) new pajamas, something lightish so not to overheat an already sick child. And she cuddles me for 45 minutes watching sprout (only gets to watch tv this late at night due to puking on dads side and not mine, not going to lie, it made me laugh). So I got to go to bed at two am instead of the usual midnight, but thankfully both girls are better and healthier just not completely over being sick. Fingers crossed that there are no more puking moments.


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