In my mind freak out

I will start off by saying this lovely post will be a rant mixed with a dash of raves. To start off yes I am one of those mothers, I stay at home and raise my kids. (Sometimes I want to scream and yell but I don’t, I say “Argh” and do a pirate arm swing.) Today was a day were my kids heard ‘no’ and ‘do you want a time out’ more than anything, I swear they must think these are the only words I knew today. I was trying to be a good house wife and clean the house, locate some paperwork and make some calls to companies to ensure that I did in fact pay a bill.
I made the calls, found a few of the many papers I needed and started picking up toys, doing laundry and tackling the kitchen. Doing the dishes and my youngest child is pulling my pant leg wanting to be picked up, not for any particular reason just cause she is my little Klingon. Trying to break this ‘pick me up mommy’ habit but its hard to do, so I cave about a third of the time. Its fun (so,I tell myself) I have to do all the items that go on the top rack first and anything sharp. Little hands wander and I’ll skip that trip to the E.R, thanks.
And this is when I start thinking, mothers who work, I envy you. Why do you ask, you get breaks, you talk to other adults and best of all you can go to the potty ALONE! You get paid vacations and sick days, you have a reason to put on makeup and try out that new hair style. There is lunch dates and seeing people daily, new people or the same people or even a phone call that’s not some sales person. And as I think yes I can put my children in day care, I know for a fact I could work and receive a paycheck. My oldest child comes in and says her little sisters name and they both sit in the middle of the kitchen and play, what the game was, I don’t know but they are smiling and giggling and having fun.
I stop sorting the dishes according to my weird organizing list and watch. I watch my oldest girl (25 months) teaching her little sister (9 months) to clap, a sight I knew for a fact that I would have missed if I worked. I turned off the water now, and I just stand and watch my girls interact with each other and any frustration or anger or anything feeling good or bad fades away. It seems as if time has stopped and there we three are, being in one space, relaxed, happy, and guiding. This joyous moments are so worth everything and anything I do on a daily basis. I know that for the rest of my life no matter how many times I become a pirate, my girls will be my savor from any stress I have placed on myself, for being a stay at home mom is worth every moment, everyday, no matter what happens.

Thanks for reading!