Back yard fun

So I have a veggie garden that has been slowly living. By slowly I mean I don’t have a green thumb it’s more black with hints of grey. But in an effort to get outside more and keep down on the grocery bill, I decided to have a garden. So far two things have slowed my effort. One being my dog dug up a few veggies and messed up my near perfect rows of plants. And the other slugs are snacking on them! They both are being corrected but a small fence was placed up and slug begone was sprinkled. But so far my tending and watering and even miracle grow seems to only be helping slightly. So far only my corn, tomatoes and cauliflower are doing well. But my girls pretend garden is winning the race for best garden so far, but I’ll never give up. If all else fails at least I’ll have a nice tan. Until next time!