Tupperware Party

I have been to numerous ‘parties’ that have been thrown at peoples homes, however, I have never thrown one. But I have always wanted to, so I am. I am starting with something small and useful like tupperware. It is my first ever party to throw/host, and I am nervous. It is not until September 14th but still nervous. I know many people are not wanting to go to them, as I was many times. But, I have learned that one they are fun to go to, if not for items to buy you get to hang out with other women and have fun, and two you can win fun prizes and yes even buy an item or two.

With that being said, I try to (but it doesn’t always happen) buy the cheapest item I can find. That way I feel like I have helped a women start her career and I get something nifty for my time. But I went to one and became hooked, and this is something that is not bad to get hooked onto. Granted you are still spending money (only if you want to) but most of all you have women time and you get to meet new people.

I am nervous and happy and excited about it. I have invited people from Facebook and all the people I know who don’t have Facebook. I now have to worry about what food choices I will prepare and what drinks to supply. And, I am not one of those people who don’t serve booze, I do but I am thinking just wine or maybe a couple of mixed drinks.

Don’t worry I will also keep you informed after the party happens to let you know how much fun it was or if its a total bust.

Potty Training Stale Mate

So having kids you already know that you have a few basic things that you have to teach the children you have. The basic is rolling over, then standing and finally walking. Nobody tells you that these are the easy ones in the vest list of things you have to teach kids. Our wonderful check list has been narrowed down sometime quickly and sometimes slowly. Well ladies and gentlemen we are stuck. The dreaded POTTY TRAINING (dum-dum-DUM! <-scary music)! Now not only do we have one potty we have THREE, one that fits on the big potty, one that look like the big potty but kids size and finally just an open one that kind of looks like a frog. Lots of choices so you would think it would be something that seems like she would master it quickly.

Of course everyone has their ideas for how to get this mastered. We have gone through almost every list of rewards starting with fake tattoos, stickers, candy and her all time favorite having her nails painted. Sadly, all have failed after a few hours or days. Nothing seemed to work, not even putting on 'big girl panties'. I feel like giving up and letting her be in diapers forever. But that little voice inside yelled 'NO, YOU ARE NOT GIVING UP!' (yes my little voiced yelled at me, she's kind of demanding and pushy)

So I have come up with my final solution, just no pants or panties. So far it works better than anything I was told or read. No rushing to the potty every 20 minutes, or stickers for good job. She says um and points to her crotch, and we run for her potty in the the living room (love kids potty they are so portable) and she sits and goes potty. SUCCESS! Granted, we can't do think in public but that is why there are diapers and when she has it mastered at home we will put on panties and slowly move into wearing panties (with what ever designs she picks out, reward for growing up) and pants like mommy and daddy.

But we have our fingers crossed that because our older daughter is being potty trained that our youngest daughter will be easier to work with. So far our younger daughter has been following in her sisters footsteps very closely. The younger girl even sits on the extra potty to keep her big sister company, so who knows maybe this will be a two birds with one stone type of thing, or in our case two girls and two potty type of thing.

The joys of being a parent seem to always be around, and it is funny to see what kids do to keep themselves entertained.

Why do we have email address

When you are a kid and your parents think you are old enough they let you get an email address, and you think you hit the jackpot. You take days or even weeks to think of something cool for an email address. But for many of us in life our cool email gets vetoed by our parents for sone lame excuse. Mine was always you can’t use your real name or that one was already taken. So when you finally think of one that you like and your parents are okay with (cool email name killers) you start signing up, then you have to think of a password, what is this? I don’t have to share the password, really? Awesome!

Well speed forward who knows how many years and bam you have to put that email on a paper to get a job, yes because pinkfairysparkle looks so professional on paper. Thanks parents, should have let me use my name like I wanted to but the reason was that people will know that I am a kid will make the sickos email me directly now.

But trust me sickos were the least of the worries, I was mostly hit up for slutty nudes, and yes I a teenage female would love a bigger dick in 3 days, and my most favorite was local lonely housewives. Um, I may have been new to this email thing but no I am not a male and no I don’t need a female in my life like that. But, that you for asking and now I am deleting you and blocking you. I would tell my dad about the emails and we would laugh and joke about it, because we know that no they are not emailing me directly its spam and its annoying.

Fast forward some more in life and you now have maybe two email address, one for crap you sign up for and one for very important things. I am one of those two email people, and today as I have noticed and received for many years is spam central. So once a month I actually go through my spam folder and inbox on both accounts and remove from list or unsubscribe things I have not signed up for block, phishing click emails to downsize my collection of crap.

So long story short when my girls want an email address I am just using their names, that way they will only ever need one email address and it will always look professional. But if they want another one later then sure they can pick what ever floats their boats, hopefully it is nothing to silly.

Clean up

So I had the house majorly cleaned on Sunday I only had to vacuum and put away laundry. I even moved all the furniture. So I was working on this new habit of keeping the house clean to a point that it looked lived in but not a wreck. Keep in mind I have two children who have a gift of undoing everything that I have cleaned, dusted, picked up or put away. My little mess makers are great at making the house look like I did nothing all day, it is one of their many talents.

So today is Tuesday and you would think that the house would be in okay staying clean, oh no it is very far from it. But I also had Tanning Tuesday with some friends and their kids. So that means that I should really be cleaning even more today but I have a bit of trouble after sitting, laying, and chasing my kids around. But I am trying to improve not only in myself but in my life as in family time and husband time. So far things are going good.

I am not changing for anyone else just myself and I am not forcing this upon my self, something inside me has waken up or snapped on. I don’t know if it is because my kids are older and can take me directions better or because they like to help me. It might also be because I am getting closer to 30 and part of me thinks that I should be further along in life. But who knows, all I know is I like it and I will keep doing it. Fingers crossed that my life keeps improving daily, it all just starts with me.

Dads, what are they for?

I am a mother and that of course would make my husband a father. He has made two beautiful girls and is in their life’s everyday, he earned the title daddy. But sometimes I wonder that being a stay-at-home-mom might have given my husband the idea that he can take it easy. I say thing only because I bath the kids, feed them keep them on a schedule (not a super tight one but naps ate always at the same time unless its a special occasion). And Dad is the fun one, he wrestles with them (softly for the younger due to her diva personality and slightly rougher with the older because she throws elbows very hard at daddy) he teaches them how to fish and how to use a screwdriver. He disciplines them rarely and always gives me that look when they misbehave.

I understand he works four to six days a week for ten hours a day but, he gets to sleep through the night till about four am on work days and sometimes later. The girls will sleep on my side together and push me out of the way so I end up at the foot of the bed and Daddy is all alone on his side warm and cozy. He gets to use the bathroom alone and no one opens the door while he’s sitting down. I have mastered doing my hair and makeup in under 20 minutes, while Daddy gets to shave and brush his teeth without little hands tugging at his shirt.

But for all the things he doesn’t do now I know when our little princesses grow older and get interested in boys Daddy will be there telling them what to protect them and tell them ” no, you can’t wear that it’s too short” or “be home by eight and I don’t care it’s Friday”. He will teach the, to ride bikes and drive cars. He will tell them what boys say to try to convince our girls to do things they aren’t ready for and no they won’t die from ‘blue balls’ either. He will make them strong and smart, and hope they never are to old for a hug from Daddy.

For now Daddy has it easy, but later I get to relax a bit while Daddy panics the his little girls are turning into young ladies. So Dads are for the second half of the game called life, when we change offense to defense. And I can’t wait until he realizes that Mom already went through this but those were the easy years. So for now I’ll tackle potty training and teaching them to speak and recognize words, and to be polite and always wait their turns and to share. And above all Daddy is the only man they should give their heart to………..for now.