I am a mother and that of course would make my husband a father. He has made two beautiful girls and is in their life’s everyday, he earned the title daddy. But sometimes I wonder that being a stay-at-home-mom might have given my husband the idea that he can take it easy. I say thing only because I bath the kids, feed them keep them on a schedule (not a super tight one but naps ate always at the same time unless its a special occasion). And Dad is the fun one, he wrestles with them (softly for the younger due to her diva personality and slightly rougher with the older because she throws elbows very hard at daddy) he teaches them how to fish and how to use a screwdriver. He disciplines them rarely and always gives me that look when they misbehave.

I understand he works four to six days a week for ten hours a day but, he gets to sleep through the night till about four am on work days and sometimes later. The girls will sleep on my side together and push me out of the way so I end up at the foot of the bed and Daddy is all alone on his side warm and cozy. He gets to use the bathroom alone and no one opens the door while he’s sitting down. I have mastered doing my hair and makeup in under 20 minutes, while Daddy gets to shave and brush his teeth without little hands tugging at his shirt.

But for all the things he doesn’t do now I know when our little princesses grow older and get interested in boys Daddy will be there telling them what to protect them and tell them ” no, you can’t wear that it’s too short” or “be home by eight and I don’t care it’s Friday”. He will teach the, to ride bikes and drive cars. He will tell them what boys say to try to convince our girls to do things they aren’t ready for and no they won’t die from ‘blue balls’ either. He will make them strong and smart, and hope they never are to old for a hug from Daddy.

For now Daddy has it easy, but later I get to relax a bit while Daddy panics the his little girls are turning into young ladies. So Dads are for the second half of the game called life, when we change offense to defense. And I can’t wait until he realizes that Mom already went through this but those were the easy years. So for now I’ll tackle potty training and teaching them to speak and recognize words, and to be polite and always wait their turns and to share. And above all Daddy is the only man they should give their heart to………..for now.


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