So I had the house majorly cleaned on Sunday I only had to vacuum and put away laundry. I even moved all the furniture. So I was working on this new habit of keeping the house clean to a point that it looked lived in but not a wreck. Keep in mind I have two children who have a gift of undoing everything that I have cleaned, dusted, picked up or put away. My little mess makers are great at making the house look like I did nothing all day, it is one of their many talents.

So today is Tuesday and you would think that the house would be in okay staying clean, oh no it is very far from it. But I also had Tanning Tuesday with some friends and their kids. So that means that I should really be cleaning even more today but I have a bit of trouble after sitting, laying, and chasing my kids around. But I am trying to improve not only in myself but in my life as in family time and husband time. So far things are going good.

I am not changing for anyone else just myself and I am not forcing this upon my self, something inside me has waken up or snapped on. I don’t know if it is because my kids are older and can take me directions better or because they like to help me. It might also be because I am getting closer to 30 and part of me thinks that I should be further along in life. But who knows, all I know is I like it and I will keep doing it. Fingers crossed that my life keeps improving daily, it all just starts with me.


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