When you are a kid and your parents think you are old enough they let you get an email address, and you think you hit the jackpot. You take days or even weeks to think of something cool for an email address. But for many of us in life our cool email gets vetoed by our parents for sone lame excuse. Mine was always you can’t use your real name or that one was already taken. So when you finally think of one that you like and your parents are okay with (cool email name killers) you start signing up, then you have to think of a password, what is this? I don’t have to share the password, really? Awesome!

Well speed forward who knows how many years and bam you have to put that email on a paper to get a job, yes because pinkfairysparkle looks so professional on paper. Thanks parents, should have let me use my name like I wanted to but the reason was that people will know that I am a kid will make the sickos email me directly now.

But trust me sickos were the least of the worries, I was mostly hit up for slutty nudes, and yes I a teenage female would love a bigger dick in 3 days, and my most favorite was local lonely housewives. Um, I may have been new to this email thing but no I am not a male and no I don’t need a female in my life like that. But, that you for asking and now I am deleting you and blocking you. I would tell my dad about the emails and we would laugh and joke about it, because we know that no they are not emailing me directly its spam and its annoying.

Fast forward some more in life and you now have maybe two email address, one for crap you sign up for and one for very important things. I am one of those two email people, and today as I have noticed and received for many years is spam central. So once a month I actually go through my spam folder and inbox on both accounts and remove from list or unsubscribe things I have not signed up for block, phishing click emails to downsize my collection of crap.

So long story short when my girls want an email address I am just using their names, that way they will only ever need one email address and it will always look professional. But if they want another one later then sure they can pick what ever floats their boats, hopefully it is nothing to silly.


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