So having kids you already know that you have a few basic things that you have to teach the children you have. The basic is rolling over, then standing and finally walking. Nobody tells you that these are the easy ones in the vest list of things you have to teach kids. Our wonderful check list has been narrowed down sometime quickly and sometimes slowly. Well ladies and gentlemen we are stuck. The dreaded POTTY TRAINING (dum-dum-DUM! <-scary music)! Now not only do we have one potty we have THREE, one that fits on the big potty, one that look like the big potty but kids size and finally just an open one that kind of looks like a frog. Lots of choices so you would think it would be something that seems like she would master it quickly.

Of course everyone has their ideas for how to get this mastered. We have gone through almost every list of rewards starting with fake tattoos, stickers, candy and her all time favorite having her nails painted. Sadly, all have failed after a few hours or days. Nothing seemed to work, not even putting on 'big girl panties'. I feel like giving up and letting her be in diapers forever. But that little voice inside yelled 'NO, YOU ARE NOT GIVING UP!' (yes my little voiced yelled at me, she's kind of demanding and pushy)

So I have come up with my final solution, just no pants or panties. So far it works better than anything I was told or read. No rushing to the potty every 20 minutes, or stickers for good job. She says um and points to her crotch, and we run for her potty in the the living room (love kids potty they are so portable) and she sits and goes potty. SUCCESS! Granted, we can't do think in public but that is why there are diapers and when she has it mastered at home we will put on panties and slowly move into wearing panties (with what ever designs she picks out, reward for growing up) and pants like mommy and daddy.

But we have our fingers crossed that because our older daughter is being potty trained that our youngest daughter will be easier to work with. So far our younger daughter has been following in her sisters footsteps very closely. The younger girl even sits on the extra potty to keep her big sister company, so who knows maybe this will be a two birds with one stone type of thing, or in our case two girls and two potty type of thing.

The joys of being a parent seem to always be around, and it is funny to see what kids do to keep themselves entertained.


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