I have been to numerous ‘parties’ that have been thrown at peoples homes, however, I have never thrown one. But I have always wanted to, so I am. I am starting with something small and useful like tupperware. It is my first ever party to throw/host, and I am nervous. It is not until September 14th but still nervous. I know many people are not wanting to go to them, as I was many times. But, I have learned that one they are fun to go to, if not for items to buy you get to hang out with other women and have fun, and two you can win fun prizes and yes even buy an item or two.

With that being said, I try to (but it doesn’t always happen) buy the cheapest item I can find. That way I feel like I have helped a women start her career and I get something nifty for my time. But I went to one and became hooked, and this is something that is not bad to get hooked onto. Granted you are still spending money (only if you want to) but most of all you have women time and you get to meet new people.

I am nervous and happy and excited about it. I have invited people from Facebook and all the people I know who don’t have Facebook. I now have to worry about what food choices I will prepare and what drinks to supply. And, I am not one of those people who don’t serve booze, I do but I am thinking just wine or maybe a couple of mixed drinks.

Don’t worry I will also keep you informed after the party happens to let you know how much fun it was or if its a total bust.


3 thoughts on “Tupperware Party

    1. I was good, I would recommend having one or going to one. Take a friend or family member with you and trust me you will have fun. I think I am hooked on going to parties and I might be throwing a few more in the future.

      1. Thats great ! I am a consultant and I think the parties are awesome! did you ever consider becoming a consultant and making some money? or did you just want to be a hostess?

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