Unhappy little home

Being a stay at home mom I have come across many things that make my day harder and difficult. My children are laughing and having fun, but there are days where I just need them to work with me. And sadly this week has been harder than the rest. I don’t know if it is because they are getting bigger but dear lord they drive me up a wall.

For a 2 almost 3 year old and an 18 month old they can and do gang up and cause more chaos than ever. They are both girls and they seem to get along rather well 90% of the time. But lately they just had some sort of switch click on like they know they should just fight constantly. I mean it starts as whining at each other then moves into slapping each-others arms and moves quickly into full on WWF wrestling. I guess I should have expected this with their father being a wrestler in high school and the 3 of them watching WWF, but really the girls are not even older enough to get that far.

Top off this weird flip of bugging one another, we have syncing growth spurts and my youngest is getting her K-9 in. And she is super clinging to me like no other. But I hope and pray that they will snap out of this weird we hate each other thing and be friends again, because they are driving me up the walls. But I know this is a phase and I hope, fingers crossed this is a phase.

Just wish nap time and bed time was not a constant battle between my oldest and I. It has hinder our potty training time also, and to boot bottle battle is even harder. Sometimes I wish I could just be like the movie click and pause or fast forward some parts. But I know that I will miss the important things that I will cherish later. Guess I should just accept defeat and cuddle with my girls and enjoy the chaos that I wanted all those years growing up.

Cleaning for party

So I posted a while ago about hosting my first Tupperware party. Nervous and excited are all I can say so far about the party. Of course the first thing I do is wait until Thursday to clean my house and I am leaving shopping for food and drinks till Friday.

But the thing I am most worried about is if anyone actually shows up, yes people have RSVP that they will be coming. But I still worry that not a single person will show, but then again it would be awesome if they all do. So far only about 8 people will be coming but that is fine. At least some people said they will, and that is huge.

But right now I am taking a break from the dusting, vacuuming, mopping and picking up kids toys. I am hoping that after this deep clean I will be able to keep it this way, at least for a while. The saddest part is I have only cleaned the kitchen and living room. I have left is the family room, front bathroom and the kids room. And, if I have the energy to tackle the master room and laundry. I would drink energy drinks but they make me all twitchy and crack head like and coffee just makes me sleepy. So I am basically just running off women power and hoping the outcome is a totally clean house and an awesome party.

Fingers crossed that it goes off with a hitch on Saturday, and that people show up.


What do you do when your friend is making choices that you are not happy with?
Do you let them make the choices that you feel are leading them down the wrong path?
Do you tell them that they gave up to easily and should try harder?

I was taught that if you are not happy with someone choices you just let them know that “if they are happy, then I am happy for you”, but sometimes I just want to grab them by the face and tell them they are making a bad choice. Life is hard and sometimes all you have to do is try harder. I have not been in the same position as them but I know that the choice they are making is not right. Nor do I have the right to interfere.

I was the only person to tell them to try and make it work, and they need to wait and see. The changes that they needed to make would not take a day or two to see changes. It takes at least a while for that change to take place, but giving up is not the right choice. Granted other people just said to cut her ties and move on, but there is always feelings that need to be taken into consideration. Not just theirs, everyone involved in that relationship will be affected.

It took them a while to get to where they were and running away and starting over is just the easy way out. Sure new things are exciting and fun, and getting new attention is nice but in the end not all the glitters is gold. They are a rare and special person and the one who choose to continue their life with them discovered that, but when both parties are being stressed and put under conditions that neither of them have ever been in before it is wisest to stay and try to work out the problems together, than run away and start over.

I just feel lost and I know the person I am talking about might also be lost, there are just to many temptations around and I can not defeat them. I just wish they were a strong as I know they are and try to make things work before giving up and starting over with some one new.

Still not a morning person

Growing up I think the only time I was a morning person was when I was a kid under 10. I wish I was still that happy morning person, sometimes. When I got old enough for work, I still wasn’t a morning person, coffee and energy drinks were my best friends. It seemed that after a while I didn’t need as much coffee to stay awake, it was more for warmth at the early hours of the shifts I took.

Fast forward about 5 or 6 years and I have two kids who are morning people, how fun. When they were babies the sleeping schedule was great, naps all day, super easy I could get an early nap for about an hour while we co-slept. But now, oh no, the only time they sleep in is if they had a very active evening and if we were off schedule. No more early naps for an hour, I would be happy for 10 more minutes. But, no.

I don’t like coffee, but I am thinking that I should make friends with it again because I am running low on energy. It is not that I am not sleeping enough, it is just that the girls still get up at least once a night and never at the same time, which I am not sure I would want. But the 9 hours i get is broken up into three-3 hour chunks. Not to mention that I can’t just fall back asleep, unlike my husband who passes out when he hits the pillow. But I know the day they sleep through the night I will lose more sleep than when I brought them home.

So for now I may suffer with weird sleeping schedule, and coffee and I may become friends again. But, I know that one day they will sleep in and I will begin the oh so fun fight to wake them up just so they don’t sleep the day away. I guess I will enjoy all the fun things that I consider a pain right now, because they won’t stay my babies for ever.

Body after kids

When you make the decision to have sex you are also aware that you could become pregnant. With that happening more often than people like to admit, there comes the fashion.

While pregnant you get a whole new wardrobe which is exciting,however, everything is larger than a circus tent and it makes you feel like a blimp. But there are also super cute clothes that you get to wear and they don’t remind you of the largest man alive clothing choice. But the one thing that nobody really tells you is that after you shed all that weight, you can squeeze back into your pre baby clothes but really you shouldn’t.

I am not saying that they don’t fit, it is just somethings have shifted around on your body and it is not a tight as it was before. I know this because my wonderful girls are 16 months apart, and I have noticed that some skin located in some areas are not quite back where they should be. Even if I wish they would magically snap back, but I love my new body and it is a mothers body.

I will be working out and I mean when I have time between chasing the girls, cleaning the house, folding laundry, gardening and re-picking up the house after my little trouble makers have undo everything I just did. So I would make it to a gym but for one that costs money for the memberships and the sitter for my kids, and I would need a personal trainer. So really between my house wife duties and my mother duties I would say that is enough for working out but we all know that that is just an excuse.

So I will be starting my work out routine when we get back from vacation, my main goal is to work on my legs tummy and arms. Well, why don’t we just focus on all of my body.