When you make the decision to have sex you are also aware that you could become pregnant. With that happening more often than people like to admit, there comes the fashion.

While pregnant you get a whole new wardrobe which is exciting,however, everything is larger than a circus tent and it makes you feel like a blimp. But there are also super cute clothes that you get to wear and they don’t remind you of the largest man alive clothing choice. But the one thing that nobody really tells you is that after you shed all that weight, you can squeeze back into your pre baby clothes but really you shouldn’t.

I am not saying that they don’t fit, it is just somethings have shifted around on your body and it is not a tight as it was before. I know this because my wonderful girls are 16 months apart, and I have noticed that some skin located in some areas are not quite back where they should be. Even if I wish they would magically snap back, but I love my new body and it is a mothers body.

I will be working out and I mean when I have time between chasing the girls, cleaning the house, folding laundry, gardening and re-picking up the house after my little trouble makers have undo everything I just did. So I would make it to a gym but for one that costs money for the memberships and the sitter for my kids, and I would need a personal trainer. So really between my house wife duties and my mother duties I would say that is enough for working out but we all know that that is just an excuse.

So I will be starting my work out routine when we get back from vacation, my main goal is to work on my legs tummy and arms. Well, why don’t we just focus on all of my body.


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