Growing up I think the only time I was a morning person was when I was a kid under 10. I wish I was still that happy morning person, sometimes. When I got old enough for work, I still wasn’t a morning person, coffee and energy drinks were my best friends. It seemed that after a while I didn’t need as much coffee to stay awake, it was more for warmth at the early hours of the shifts I took.

Fast forward about 5 or 6 years and I have two kids who are morning people, how fun. When they were babies the sleeping schedule was great, naps all day, super easy I could get an early nap for about an hour while we co-slept. But now, oh no, the only time they sleep in is if they had a very active evening and if we were off schedule. No more early naps for an hour, I would be happy for 10 more minutes. But, no.

I don’t like coffee, but I am thinking that I should make friends with it again because I am running low on energy. It is not that I am not sleeping enough, it is just that the girls still get up at least once a night and never at the same time, which I am not sure I would want. But the 9 hours i get is broken up into three-3 hour chunks. Not to mention that I can’t just fall back asleep, unlike my husband who passes out when he hits the pillow. But I know the day they sleep through the night I will lose more sleep than when I brought them home.

So for now I may suffer with weird sleeping schedule, and coffee and I may become friends again. But, I know that one day they will sleep in and I will begin the oh so fun fight to wake them up just so they don’t sleep the day away. I guess I will enjoy all the fun things that I consider a pain right now, because they won’t stay my babies for ever.


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