What do you do when your friend is making choices that you are not happy with?
Do you let them make the choices that you feel are leading them down the wrong path?
Do you tell them that they gave up to easily and should try harder?

I was taught that if you are not happy with someone choices you just let them know that “if they are happy, then I am happy for you”, but sometimes I just want to grab them by the face and tell them they are making a bad choice. Life is hard and sometimes all you have to do is try harder. I have not been in the same position as them but I know that the choice they are making is not right. Nor do I have the right to interfere.

I was the only person to tell them to try and make it work, and they need to wait and see. The changes that they needed to make would not take a day or two to see changes. It takes at least a while for that change to take place, but giving up is not the right choice. Granted other people just said to cut her ties and move on, but there is always feelings that need to be taken into consideration. Not just theirs, everyone involved in that relationship will be affected.

It took them a while to get to where they were and running away and starting over is just the easy way out. Sure new things are exciting and fun, and getting new attention is nice but in the end not all the glitters is gold. They are a rare and special person and the one who choose to continue their life with them discovered that, but when both parties are being stressed and put under conditions that neither of them have ever been in before it is wisest to stay and try to work out the problems together, than run away and start over.

I just feel lost and I know the person I am talking about might also be lost, there are just to many temptations around and I can not defeat them. I just wish they were a strong as I know they are and try to make things work before giving up and starting over with some one new.


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