So I posted a while ago about hosting my first Tupperware party. Nervous and excited are all I can say so far about the party. Of course the first thing I do is wait until Thursday to clean my house and I am leaving shopping for food and drinks till Friday.

But the thing I am most worried about is if anyone actually shows up, yes people have RSVP that they will be coming. But I still worry that not a single person will show, but then again it would be awesome if they all do. So far only about 8 people will be coming but that is fine. At least some people said they will, and that is huge.

But right now I am taking a break from the dusting, vacuuming, mopping and picking up kids toys. I am hoping that after this deep clean I will be able to keep it this way, at least for a while. The saddest part is I have only cleaned the kitchen and living room. I have left is the family room, front bathroom and the kids room. And, if I have the energy to tackle the master room and laundry. I would drink energy drinks but they make me all twitchy and crack head like and coffee just makes me sleepy. So I am basically just running off women power and hoping the outcome is a totally clean house and an awesome party.

Fingers crossed that it goes off with a hitch on Saturday, and that people show up.


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