Being a stay at home mom I have come across many things that make my day harder and difficult. My children are laughing and having fun, but there are days where I just need them to work with me. And sadly this week has been harder than the rest. I don’t know if it is because they are getting bigger but dear lord they drive me up a wall.

For a 2 almost 3 year old and an 18 month old they can and do gang up and cause more chaos than ever. They are both girls and they seem to get along rather well 90% of the time. But lately they just had some sort of switch click on like they know they should just fight constantly. I mean it starts as whining at each other then moves into slapping each-others arms and moves quickly into full on WWF wrestling. I guess I should have expected this with their father being a wrestler in high school and the 3 of them watching WWF, but really the girls are not even older enough to get that far.

Top off this weird flip of bugging one another, we have syncing growth spurts and my youngest is getting her K-9 in. And she is super clinging to me like no other. But I hope and pray that they will snap out of this weird we hate each other thing and be friends again, because they are driving me up the walls. But I know this is a phase and I hope, fingers crossed this is a phase.

Just wish nap time and bed time was not a constant battle between my oldest and I. It has hinder our potty training time also, and to boot bottle battle is even harder. Sometimes I wish I could just be like the movie click and pause or fast forward some parts. But I know that I will miss the important things that I will cherish later. Guess I should just accept defeat and cuddle with my girls and enjoy the chaos that I wanted all those years growing up.


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