iPads are great!

I know everyone sees those commercials that compare the iPad to something else, but I am here to tell you I love my iPad. That commercial makes it seem like the iPad is a turd in a toilet bowl, just can’t do anything special. But they are wrong. I am a stay at home mom ( you should know that if you read my blogs) and I have this blog, I tweet and I Facebook and I have a video blog and I do all those things on my TA-DA iPad. So saying that it can’t do all these wonderful things is very wrong.

But the other side of the coin, if you work on the road or out of the office a lot and you need all those fancy things included in your tablet then sure go for the laptop with no keyboard but they don’t take discs. So yes depending on what you use your technology for I would say get one that floats your boat or slaps your monkey. But for me I love my iPad and it was the best birthday gift my husband and kids gave me.

I am able to keep up to date on a lot of items and I even blog more because to me I consider my tablet the best way to keep an eye on my kids and not have to be in a different room. And yes I have a keyboard with my iPad it is amazing what kind of accessories they make today that are compatible with the iPad. I mean we went from the basic cell phone that could only dial numbers to phones that are basically little computers in our pockets. So if you are like me and are a mom that blogs I recommend the iPad but if you are running your own business then yes go for the bells and whistles and get that one.

But keep in mind if you have kids or will be having kids, get ones that are durable and get that insurance, I am happy to say that I have phone insurance but not iPad insurance but I might be looking into that soon. Until then I will still be blogging and being a social media mom on my iPad.