Many families are not big on co-sleeping with their kids, I don’t know why but when I ask them I hear mostly that they need their space. Well then they shouldn’t have had kids, kids are the opposite of space. When deciding to have kids I knew that there were things that I would have to give up, the big one would be space then privacy. Children are a huge decision to give up everything you loved about being alone and being able to take time to do what ever you wanted. Children are truly the best gifts that I was ever given. With that being said I will let you in on why I co-sleep with my family, even though my husband says he doesn’t like it (ends up snuggling with the girls the most).

When in the hospital my child was close to me in that little plastic type holder thing maybe about 10% of the time. Either they were snuggled with daddy or with me, whether it was feeding or sleeping my kids were never far from me. So it made enough sense that their bassinet would be by my bedside close that I could feed them with no problem, which ended up mostly with me falling asleep with them in my arms or next to me. So when each child was moved into their cribs in their own rooms a slight panic swept over me, baby monitors or not, I did not like the fact my kids were not in arms reach. But I could hear them breathing, mostly snoring and tooting though out the night and I knew that they were safe.

But as all children do they would cry and make noise and end up in our bed feeding or cuddling till they were content, and I could have put them back but I couldn’t. More of I wouldn’t, I cherished the moments we shared while they were small. Holding onto my finger to keep me close, or touching me with any arm or leg if I rolled out of reach. My favorite thing was when they would be laying sideways between my husband and myself to make sure we both were there and that we didn’t go far. This is when my husband started to complain that space was fleeting in our cal. king bed. Trust me there is plenty of room still to this day with all four of us in bed.

The hardest part happened when our oldest was no longer in a crib but ‘big girl’ bed (we removed one side of the crib). The first few nights were mostly her coming in our room checking on us. Nothing in a million-zillion years would make me leave our house without our kids. The first few weeks were hard and included a lot of co-sleeping but I didn’t mind, my children seek comfort and safety in me and I gladly show them.

But I know there will come a time in life where sleeping in their parents beds won’t happen anymore, and I hope those days never come but I know they will. But until then I will co-sleep with my girls and cherish every moment that they need me. For one day I will no longer be needed and I will long for the days where I was the only thing they needed to be happy. With my oldest turning three in December and my youngest turning two in April I think I have many more co-sleeping nights ahead of me and I look forward to each and every one.

And, even though my husband complains I know that when we stop co-sleeping he will miss is as much as I do.



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