Bra’s of all kinds

As a girl growing up all I wanted was boobs, sounds silly but I think many girls want boobs. Our bodies look the same as boys growing up until that wonderful thing happens, our bodies start to take an actual shape that looks different than our male friends. And everybody takes notice in our life, the first person that notices was my mother. I remember shopping for training bras, very uncomfortable. I believe my mother laughed because I was blushing the whole time, not a little bit more like I was red as a tomato. But I felt like I was entering a new part of life that many girls will be joining with me. Little did I know that this new item of clothing would bring me such happiness. Until I was older and realized wishing for big boobs was clearly a mistake and I wasted so many birthday wishes on them. But little did I know that there is many kinds of bras and I would discover them, and loath many.

Training bras– I mean really what are we really training, not our boobs. We are training our bodies to get use to an another piece of clothing that we have to wear because nobody wants to see what looks like two ferrets fighting in a shirt looks like. We are training our bodies to get use to a constricting piece of material that will hold our extra body fat that has shaped a lovely soft yet round balls that will be attached to your chests for years to come.

sports bras– Like many girls I grew tired of this training part of life and its stupid clasps and tightening straps and moved on to sports bra, however, this wonder invention made not only my boobs stay in place like superglue but it made them look smaller. Success, or so I thought, putting the skin tight fabric was hard enough but once on it was great. I could still rough house and run and play and not hurt, however, taking such an item off was like trying to escape a straight-jacked. (I have never tried but I would assume the struggle would be the same.)

underwire bras– To me this would be a logical move from training bras, meaning that yes you have enough flesh and fat to put into a bra. Celebrate! Or so you would think, nope now for the newest uncomfortable step in life underwire. It was put in so that you actually has some support instead of just elastic. If you are lucky you find one that survives being worn and the wire stays exactly where it should (slim chance there). You get poked and stabbed by this support and get funny bruises on your boobs that you have wanted so much that now you wish you didn’t have any. Of course you can try to fix that favorite bra that holds and supports your boobs like a warm soft blanket but no matter what you try, it just gets worse and worse. But if you remove the wire the support is gone.

push-up bras– So you move to the what I call false hope for mankind bras. Your boobs look bigger and fuller and you become so very popular. However this bra comes with yes till underwire but it seems to be welded into place and never moves (thank goodness) but now there is a little bit of padding, well not a little bit more like, not a soul in the world can tell you are cold or if you can feel anything on your chest.

front clasps– These wonderful bras are the easiest bra to put on ever and they come in racer back usually. These are great for larger boobs for they offer support like no other and you don’t have to find some weird way to put on your bra. These are the easiest to keep boys out off trying to undo while making out. I recommend every father buying these ones for their daughters.

nursing bras– This one soul purpose is to just hold your boobs and offer some comfort to your boobs who have a mind of their own now, thanks to the 9 months of a human being growing inside you. You wish to live inside these bras for the soul reason that there is no underwire ever, they are soft like when you first had training bras, just hold your boobs well like a sports bra. But this bra has a trick, a special talent that we all love so much. You can unclip a side and your boob is out in the air and feeding your young.

the newest bra after kids– This bra is any bra that holds and keeps your boobs where they use to be growing up. This bra is amazing because it makes you feel like you just got a boob job. I am now in life at this phase, I didn’t care what bra I bought all I knew was that I had two gift cards to Victoria Secret and I wanted a new bra after having nursing bras for two years and only my old bras that didn’t fit any more. And I am proud to say for once in three years I have bought a new bra and I can see why my spending 52 dollars on a bra is a very good idea.