“La Cantina,” Bobby’s Dry dock

Bobby’s Dry Dock

7876 Birch Bay Dr., Birch Bay

Restaurant owner, Bobby Christoffer is a long-time icon in Birch Bay. He started the former Dry Dock Restaurant – first located on the water down the street, then directly across the street in ‘the old house’…and now, after four years as “La Cantina,” Bobby’s Dry dock is back! Come by for a great meal, a beer from our great variety on tap, to try your luck at pull tabs, sing a little karaoke… or just to visit with the locals. We look forward to seeing you!!

This made me excited for when we moved to Birch Bay and there was a bar that was close (not to close) that we could go to, but boy I have been so wrong about that, 4 years of trying to figure out what the hell WE did to be treated like shit every time we went out to have fun and kick back.

This is many things you would find describing Bobby’s Dry dock, yet when you want to have a nice evening with friends sometimes you are treated differently as if nobody cares how the customers feel. I will start with the first time I was removed for this establishment, I was being SEXUALLY HARASSED by another patron and myself and my husband asked the man to stop to no avail, so I told the bouncer (who was more into his cell phone games than helping a paying customer) and his reply was I should enjoy the attention. I said that if I have to handle the problem myself then I will, sadly a few minutes later I had to. This other man (more like pig-scumbag dick head) SLAPPED my ass, so my response was that if he touches me again I will hurt him. He slapped my ass again and I proceeded to smash a beer bottle on his face (problem solved or so I thought), this is when the bouncer finally decided to do something and physically remove me. (I mean really dick head you refused to help me in the first place and now you want to help, nope you are welcomed with my knee shoved firmly into your pelvic region and I felt my knee bone hit bone and hard {thanks dad for teaching me that}.) I was able to remove myself from this so called bouncer and then run after and attack the sexual asshole again and proceed to kick the living shit out of him for about two minutes before my husband pulled me from the building. I found out later it took 5 men to hold back my husband from harming that so called man and  7 to catch and hold myself so I could me removed (one being my husband).

The second time I was told to leave (noticed told and not taken outside by force) was many  months later, I was 6 months pregnant which meant I was the DD, and I didn’t mind the deal was buy me food and some soda and I will be happy. So I was sitting at a table near the back, exactly next to the restroom (I could not only smell the bathroom I could hear people use it, I am sure there is some rule about that somewhere), and my husband ordered his drinks and my sprite and orange juice with the deluxe nachos with fresh made guacamole (heaven for a pregnant woman like me). I was sitting with my friends (6 of us, me included) who were drinking and we were all talking to each other and we all only had one drink (well they had one drink I had not touched mine yet, food first at the time) and the bartender came over and told us that we are cut off from more beer and we need to leave because I (me the pregnant one was making a scene). I said there must be some mistake because we have only been here for maybe 45 minutes and only had a one beer each and I am not drinking at all. This older bartender looked me straight in the face and yelled ” I can not serve you alcohol due to you being pregnant”, (yes you old sagging titted bitch who has more wrinkles than Shar Pei, I would love to endanger my child’s life with you shitty ass beer) I told her in a calm voice that I am the DD I my drink is only sprite and o.j and that she made it for me. Her face became red and then said that if I left than my friends could stay. I said sure and that I would be back at midnight to pick up my friends and left.

The final and last time my family was asked to leave was when my husband took out his friends for a good time. This being said he had not gone out in over a year, so there should be no bad blood from Bobby’s and everyone can be civil. Oh boy was I wrong, over three years the same bartender girls have been treating this place like it’s their own high school and they are the queens. But the problem for kicking out people who have done nothing wrong can have major effects. My husband is a calm person and is nice until provoked. And these bartender Mean Girls have something out for our family and anyone we are with. I mean being there for an hour just sitting and eating food doing nothing but chatting with people and being friendly helping make somebody happy and what happens? BAM! Kicked out, what for? Asked the bouncer he said he didn’t know, asked other people and they said he did NOTHING, he was just chilling and doing NOTHING, taking up space at the bar eating a drinking. Until the same bartender who told me I had to leave had some problem and kicked out my husband. I am not saying that this person has a problem with our family but it seems every time we go there it is THE SAME BARTENDER telling us we are causing a scene, being too loud or being rude and needs to leave. This same bartender told us we can’t come on the property due to a restraining order, um sweetheart we weren’t send papers I called the police station and they looked for months and nothing, so you need to stop running business away from your boss’s place and suck up what ever problem you have and be an adult about it and serve the drinks and take you tips.

So Bobby’s Dry Dock or La Cantina what ever the fuck you call yourself, we and all our friends will no longer be going to your shitty place for a good time. We will take our hard earned money and spend it at the Past Time or The Wheel House or go down a block and visit your rivals and spend our money there.wordpressblogimage


When my children hit a certain age I noticed that they didn’t need me anymore as much. I felt something inside that didn’t feel right. I talked to my husband about it and we couldn’t figure out what it was. So I tried new things to try to pull out my funk, I could do my daily things but it was a hard struggle, harder than I have ever faced. Nothing seemed to help, so I talked to my mother and she said it sounded like I might have depression. I called and made an appointment with my doctor and we talked about a lot of things. Turns out I had a mild case of depression, not what I wanted to hear. It seemed like my mind was against my dream life and needed to be heard, or so I thought.

Zoloft was the answer, not a high dose just enough to push away this little grey cloud that kept following me around. It seemed to help but something was missing, something that I should be doing. Arts and crafts helped but not by much, I needed something bigger. Not sure what but I found it after three months of searching. I needed time away from my family to be alone, not like party late at night or anything that could harm my family. Something meaningful.

A job, something where I could be alone, miss my family and appreciate them when I get back. My job is very part time (8 hours a week), I work as an independent cleaning contractor, and it is a blessing. I still take my medication when just not daily like I was prescribed, it is more of an every other day sort of thing. I would have never in a million years thought that what I needed was something so small. 

I know that my paycheck won’t pay a huge chuck of bills but it helps every month here and there. Not only have I noticed that it helped me with keeping my house up to par (not perfect) but it has raised my spirits and made me feel happier. The greatest bonus is from all this work and moving around it has doubled as a work out plan.


So if you feel like something is off. check in with your doctor. You never know until you seek help and it is not a bad thing to do.

Sally Nail Polish

Belong to influenster.com I get free samples (more like products, some full size) when I have been randomly selected. This box I got for free was

The Sally Hansen Total Knock Out VoxBox

Now most people go and pay anything from $8 to got knows how much for manicures or pedicures. I use to be one of those people, I would get the fake nails put on and then have three nails painted with some tiny picture. Talk about a waste of time and money, the filling the time away from people and we all think our nail people are talking about us when we come in. So as any money saver would do, home manicures.  I have tried many nail polishes and different brands. But nothing holds a candle to fab nails like Sally Hansen. Skip the salon, get the results. Don’t settle for just color when you can get a base coat, strengthener, growth treatment, salon-inspired color, top coat, chip-resistance and a gel finish all in 1 bottle. Featuring the unique precision brush for a flawless finish and patented Vita Care technology for advanced 10 day wear, more shine and nourishing care.


  • Base Coat
  • Strengthener
  • Growth Treatment
  • Color
  • Top Coat
  • Chip-Resistant
  • Gel Shine

Go check out their website and see what else they have new coming out, http://www.sallyhansen.com/


Color:Pat on Black
Color:Pat on Black

Full time mom-house wife part time worker

So being a stay at home mom and house wife is an awesome job, however, there are days where you just need an hour or so to your self. But if you wanted a job there are many things that you have to line up for your child. First off, my husband is our bread winner (I just make bread,lol) and I pay the bills and do all the house hold duties and maybe some more. So paying for day care would have to wail until I had a job that paid me (so that double sided problem wouldn’t work), and any extra money usually went towards food for us with other things that are needed and maybe some gas for the cars. So that didn’t work, also many of our family members work during the day which meant that no one could watch or hang out with our kids free of charge (yeah, another problem).

So what is left for a mother to do, work from home, sure if my kids would not gang up on my and destroy everything I just cleaned up. (They are a organized little gang, it is more like distract mom while the other kid unfolds all my clean laundry.) Sure I could work a full night shift and they would only miss me while they sleep, but then I fear they would think I would always be gone while they slept. So not much there either besides I don’t think they would let mommy sleep during the day. So I would need a job that was for maybe 2-3 hours a day during the evening that wasn’t to hard and time consuming.

Low and behold an answer, independent cleaning contacting, also known as house keeper for companies. Which I do, I knew I had a skill that was marketable and boy am I going to use it. I do have a job, and I work for and hour an evening, five days a week and I can set my own hours to clean from anywhere from five thirty at night to nine. So I can still be at home with my kids, keep my house cleaned and normalish looking, and have dinner ready to eat with my family before I set off and work. Not only do I get an hour and a half (driving time included) to myself to stay sane, I am also helping bring in money to the household to help pay bills and have extra money to save.

So I can bake my cake and eat it to.