So being a stay at home mom and house wife is an awesome job, however, there are days where you just need an hour or so to your self. But if you wanted a job there are many things that you have to line up for your child. First off, my husband is our bread winner (I just make bread,lol) and I pay the bills and do all the house hold duties and maybe some more. So paying for day care would have to wail until I had a job that paid me (so that double sided problem wouldn’t work), and any extra money usually went towards food for us with other things that are needed and maybe some gas for the cars. So that didn’t work, also many of our family members work during the day which meant that no one could watch or hang out with our kids free of charge (yeah, another problem).

So what is left for a mother to do, work from home, sure if my kids would not gang up on my and destroy everything I just cleaned up. (They are a organized little gang, it is more like distract mom while the other kid unfolds all my clean laundry.) Sure I could work a full night shift and they would only miss me while they sleep, but then I fear they would think I would always be gone while they slept. So not much there either besides I don’t think they would let mommy sleep during the day. So I would need a job that was for maybe 2-3 hours a day during the evening that wasn’t to hard and time consuming.

Low and behold an answer, independent cleaning contacting, also known as house keeper for companies. Which I do, I knew I had a skill that was marketable and boy am I going to use it. I do have a job, and I work for and hour an evening, five days a week and I can set my own hours to clean from anywhere from five thirty at night to nine. So I can still be at home with my kids, keep my house cleaned and normalish looking, and have dinner ready to eat with my family before I set off and work. Not only do I get an hour and a half (driving time included) to myself to stay sane, I am also helping bring in money to the household to help pay bills and have extra money to save.

So I can bake my cake and eat it to.


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