I posted on where I find good deals and what to look for but now you can see a few simple ways I save money at home.

Kool-aid/punchI hit up my local Dollar Tree (store of cheap good items) there are some things I love to get and one thing I buy are punch mixes, but the only difference is I buy the single ones you can add to your water bottle and use those (not in a single water bottle).  I use 2 or 3 depending on how large of a container you are putting them in, and add sugar after I have added in the water (again this is all on how large of a container and how sweet you want it).



Food storage

Never throw out jusice containers or bulk plastic jugs, I use mine to store my sugar, flour, rice, and other dry baking/cooking products. If you can’t remove the label or it is a dark container I would use a paint pen and label my containers. I also use the old juice and soda bottles for things like kool-aid. After all why throw away something that could help keep items together (and lets face it those paper bags they come in suck). I also store my bulk beans and unopened pasta in a basket so they’re not floating bags of food that could fall and burst open. 



Come back soon, I might have some new tips or just something that has been on my mind. Who knows?!





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