Summer time and kids

I love my kids, but during the summer time it’s harder to have them listen. I know it’s only because they are outside and we have tons of backyard goodies for them.

Let me explain what we have for them, and there are quite a few back there. So we have the simple basic things like; a kiddie pool (ours inflates) and this is our third one, Dakota took two huge bits out of a free larger one (where it has a top ring you inflate with air and fill up this pool) so all that is left is the filter, a smaller shallow inflatable one, not sure how that one popped but it was only 5$, and lastly the one my parents gave us because they don’t use it that often (somehow there is small leak that we can’t find to save out life’s). We have tried the plastic hard shaped ones last year but one flew off during the winter somehow and the replacement one somehow cracked (maybe during the winter) and the dogs used it for play also. I think we just have a hard time with pools. But there is a slip-n-slide that works perfectly with our backyard, we have a slight down grade backyard so our pools always have a deep end, but the kids never seem to mind.

We also have a typical swing set, it was free and with some spray paint and a few screws, it was basically brand new. It comes with 2 swings (one normal and one seat type one for babies) and sea-saw and the double type swing (it’s a lot like sea-saw but not up and down it’s back and forth).

Then we have that first tiny slide that you buy when your kids climb and want small exciting things, and our ‘tree house’ it’s a two level Little Tykes play house and it has a swing with the bucket type seat and a larger longer slide, this was a gift for our younger daughters birthday, there is also a sort of clubhouse space underneath but the kids don’t care much about that. We don’t have trees that we can build in (really not trees) so them calling it a treehouse is cute.

And I have garden, but it’s mostly weeds and dirt so I don’t really care if the kids play in the dirt, for now. Our baby plants aren’t big enough for outside yet so the dirt playing is okay for now. Just means it’s bath time that night.

So yes I understand that coming in for nap time is not the most exciting thing to do, but lunch and snacks are outside and I do skip naps sometimes when I have lots of house work to do, but I won’t lie some days I play outside with them. Some times I tan and they copy me and I think that skipping housework to enjoy time with my girls are fine because they won’t be tiny girls who want to be just like me forever.

But before bed I do make sure they pick up some toys and laundry just so they know that you can fill a day with fun and games but you should clean up just a little before bed. I am excited that the girls will be partaking in the garden this year, they have picked out chocolate mint, two types tomatoes,
some lettuce, and green onions. Maybe next year my seedlings will actually take off instead of the weeds taking over.

Well now go outside and enjoy the weather!