Credit scores and life

So in life you have choices that you have to make, many that include your credit score. Sadly, I seem not to have one. How is that possible you may ask? Apparently, very easily. I at the fun age of 18 wanted to buy a car, not having any credit history needed a co-signer. Thanks Mom and Dad, I got a car loan, paid it and took care of my car. I never applied for a credit card, I never wanted one. I did join those cd membership things once, had it for a few years then cancelled it due to not wanting any more cd’s. (Guess that didn’t count.)

Fast forward to getting married, a partnership where my husband and I sign for things together. (Guess that means another co-signer.) So I found out that when you have a co-signer many companies won’t look at my credit score just the co-signer. We are trying to get a home loan for first time home buyers, so they clearly are only looking at my husband’s credit score. When I asked about mine, I was told I don’t really have one; it is so low that it is pretty much nonexistent.

Then I am told that I should get a credit card, um yeah okay. If I don’t really have a credit score how would it even been possible to get a credit card. Not to mention I would need a co-signer, lovely circle. This reminds me of trying to get a job, they won’t hire you unless you have experience but you can’t get any experience unless someone gives you a chance.
To make matters worse, I don’t want a credit card. Never wanted one nor do I want one now. I have a PayPal account, where you can get the item now and then pay later. This doesn’t count for some reason, seems a lot like a credit card to me. I just can’t carry it around and charge things willy-nilly.

I have a bank debit/charge card that is linked to my bank account, but my husband is also on that account. But this is not a credit card, as I am told. Thanks people I am not a stupid, I know the difference. I just think that a charging for something when you don’t have the money is stupid. You are paying more for something that you could just buy when you have the money.

I am sure that maybe that is why my credit score is so low. If I didn’t have the money, I didn’t need something. I paid my bills, bought food to eat, kept gas in my cars and never bought anything extra unless I had the money.
I watched many people charge things to cards and build up a large sum to pay later. I didn’t want to go into debt just to have something shiny that would lose value over time or break. I think that is why I am such a bargain shopper; I use to shop until I dropped. Never with a credit card, only cash or when I knew had I had money in the bank.

It is now a stupid hill that we as a couple must figure out how to climb. Guess we (I) might have to bite the bullet and get a credit card. I feel like one of my kids, I will go down but I will kick and scream the whole time. Maybe I will just get one through our bank and just use it for gas and groceries once in a while. But I will combine it with coupons, in-store deal and still never pay full price unless I have to.

I feel like a child right now, slightly helpless and having to do something I really don’t want to. Even if it is going to help in the long run, I just don’t want to pay an inflamed price just to help my credit score. It is already bothering my coupon clipping side, but I will move forward and make life better for my family.


My kids remind me of cats

I will start of by saying that I have had cats, been around many cats growing up, and interned at a vet clinic so I have been around the many personalities of cats.

1. When my kids are hungry they make constant noise/whine about food, until they receive something. Many cats act the same way, when I had Dinky would chirp until I put food in his bowl.

2. When my kids are sleepy they will crash anywhere and everywhere. I’m surprised that they are actually comfortable is some positions. As the internet has shown the world cats are very similar.

3. Laser pens. If you never tried it with your kids, DO IT!

4. My kids make messes, as all kids do but they don’t clean up unless told or scolded. Cats make messes and don’t care, don’t think they will ever clean up.

5. When my kids want snuggles or cuddles, they take it. Doesn’t matter where I am or what I am doing, they will be in my personal bubble. Cats only cuddle when they want it, not the other way around. (As I type my bubble is so longer mine.)

6. Sometimes they sit for a movie, and on rare occasions they actually watch the whole movie. Cats will zone out on a dust fluff in the air, Dinky did this once for an hour. I know because that’s how ling I watched him do it.

7. Potty training, teaching your kids to hold it long enough till the toilet is always a ‘fun’ milestone, but when they master potty training best thing in the world. Cats and litter boxes pretty much same thing, unless your cat came potty trained or magically like Dinky knew what the litter box was for.

8. Kids and cats don’t care what it is you have they must have it or be between you and your item. Be it a book, phone, or my personal favorite morning coffee. To this day I only fill my largest cup 2/3 of the way up.

9. Trailing off of 8 sticking their hand in everything, my kids can not look with their eyes always their hands. Which has led to many messy clean ups. I have know ten cats who have stuck their paws into anything and everything. My cat Dinky was not allowed near fish tanks or cup with liquids.

10. The ability to fit into spaces that they should not fit, which usually involved rescuing of some sort. My kids got stuck between their beds and walls many time, or my personal favorite: stuck in a sleeve which they thought was the neck hole. Dinky has been rescued from under the house when he fell through a hole that was for the new stove to hook up to.

11. Clean warm laundry. Kids and cats are like magnets to the warm soft bundle of comfort. But sometimes when it’s a blanket we all cuddle under it, by we I mean I catch them in my ghostly warm cover and they love it.

I’m sure there are many many more ways kids and cats are the same, but I’ve been blogging for a bit and my kids are quite, fingers crossed nothing is broken or spilled. Happy reading!

Mommy’s Preschool Blues

Today makers the day that my oldest daughter is offically school ready. It’s a sad day but also a happy one. I hoped she would have waited until next year when she was actually 4 but she did things that made it very clear that she was ready for a new (much larger) milestone in life.

I loved that we have mastered small milestones in life, the biggest one she mas mastered was using the toilet like a big girl. These were small milestones that I knew I could handle in life, simple ones that in my heart I knew were small. I never wanted to focus on the larger ones that I knew would come. I think this milestone is more of a slap to the face, this slap sucks, she is growing up and ready to explore the world. Explore the world leading the way instead of Mommy leading the way.

I know it is only preschool, it is only two days a week for a few hours. But she is still my little baby girl. I don’t want her to grow up, I have fears for her. I am afraid that she will get bullied, or get hurt, even worse feel alone. I know that she will be under teachers care and that nothing bad will happen. But my own mother told me that that is a mothers curse, you spend your life worrying for them. But the best part of that curse, the love that is in your life. It is a new love, a love that you can never explain, it’s something that you never knew you were missing out on until you hold your child.

I know she will love me, even hate me at times. But those are milestones and things I knew would happen. I was prepared for that, but these feelings I have about my daughters first day at preschool. These are harder than I would have ever expected. But part of me knows that these feelings will fade, but I also know that these feelings will come again, and again and forever.

Wanting the best for your kids and wanting to protect them is a hard balance, it is a fight that I know now my own parents felt often. But in all reality I welcome these feelings every day, and look forward to my children growing and exploring the world till their hearts content.