So in life you have choices that you have to make, many that include your credit score. Sadly, I seem not to have one. How is that possible you may ask? Apparently, very easily. I at the fun age of 18 wanted to buy a car, not having any credit history needed a co-signer. Thanks Mom and Dad, I got a car loan, paid it and took care of my car. I never applied for a credit card, I never wanted one. I did join those cd membership things once, had it for a few years then cancelled it due to not wanting any more cd’s. (Guess that didn’t count.)

Fast forward to getting married, a partnership where my husband and I sign for things together. (Guess that means another co-signer.) So I found out that when you have a co-signer many companies won’t look at my credit score just the co-signer. We are trying to get a home loan for first time home buyers, so they clearly are only looking at my husband’s credit score. When I asked about mine, I was told I don’t really have one; it is so low that it is pretty much nonexistent.

Then I am told that I should get a credit card, um yeah okay. If I don’t really have a credit score how would it even been possible to get a credit card. Not to mention I would need a co-signer, lovely circle. This reminds me of trying to get a job, they won’t hire you unless you have experience but you can’t get any experience unless someone gives you a chance.
To make matters worse, I don’t want a credit card. Never wanted one nor do I want one now. I have a PayPal account, where you can get the item now and then pay later. This doesn’t count for some reason, seems a lot like a credit card to me. I just can’t carry it around and charge things willy-nilly.

I have a bank debit/charge card that is linked to my bank account, but my husband is also on that account. But this is not a credit card, as I am told. Thanks people I am not a stupid, I know the difference. I just think that a charging for something when you don’t have the money is stupid. You are paying more for something that you could just buy when you have the money.

I am sure that maybe that is why my credit score is so low. If I didn’t have the money, I didn’t need something. I paid my bills, bought food to eat, kept gas in my cars and never bought anything extra unless I had the money.
I watched many people charge things to cards and build up a large sum to pay later. I didn’t want to go into debt just to have something shiny that would lose value over time or break. I think that is why I am such a bargain shopper; I use to shop until I dropped. Never with a credit card, only cash or when I knew had I had money in the bank.

It is now a stupid hill that we as a couple must figure out how to climb. Guess we (I) might have to bite the bullet and get a credit card. I feel like one of my kids, I will go down but I will kick and scream the whole time. Maybe I will just get one through our bank and just use it for gas and groceries once in a while. But I will combine it with coupons, in-store deal and still never pay full price unless I have to.

I feel like a child right now, slightly helpless and having to do something I really don’t want to. Even if it is going to help in the long run, I just don’t want to pay an inflamed price just to help my credit score. It is already bothering my coupon clipping side, but I will move forward and make life better for my family.



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