Let me start off by saying that no I am not doing this just for ‘readers’ I fish (sometimes) and I figured that maybe I should know how to clean what I catch, it it is ever bigger than what my husband calls ‘bait fish’. I have caught the total of 20ish bait fish and no keepers.

First off, the smell. Oh wow! I can change diapers that let’s just say cheek to covered cheek, shovel after the dog does his thing and field dress a rooster. So those smells don’t both me at all, but fish that has been in fridge for a day or so…..WOW.

But once I got over the smell I had to do a couple rounds of jumping up and down and shaking out my limbs to pump myself up, then you have to grab the fish. EWWWWWW! But that was the smallest eww of the day. Did you know that you have to remove the head and insides? I didn’t quite know that, and I had to do it. Which I did, but the gross factor stayed around during the whole time during the first fish.

Did she just say first fish? Yes, yes I did. I not only did one first but I did four. I did three silvers and 1 king, by the third filet (side being removed) I was doing pretty good. I sort of started doing my own ways of it, granted the foundation was what my husband taught me. But I am told that there are many ways to clean a fish and they vary from person to person and fish to fish.

All I know is that now I want to get my own knife (pink of course), maybe those tables that are slightly curved so your not fighting gravity so much. And maybe next time I won’t clean them on top of the stove, there was major clean up afterwards and my kitchen smelt of bleach and soap.

But I am proud that I now can clean a fish, granted I seem to have some major skill for removing the ribs while taking the filets off the spine. Not sure that I will ever get use to the smell but all that matters is that now we have a way to stock up our freezer and I can help.

This all happened yesterday but I am still happy as a clam that I set out to learn something new and different (mostly dirty) and mastered it. Now if I could just get more free time to fish. But I love hanging out with my girls and they also like to fish, would you believe that they catch keepers and I don’t?!


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