I am not missing just Mommy Busy

Hey everyone I am so sorry that I haven’t blogged in such a long time. I don’t have any excuse besides that life has gotten busier due to little ones growing up and wanting to be I the world more. With that being said keep reading and see what has kept me away for the internet lately. (Almost like those annoying Christmas letters families send out, just not as bragging like. Hopefully.)
Our oldest daughter wanted to be in the world more and that means that she no longer needed Momma to teach her things, she requested to go to school. It broke my heart because that means my little baby girl has in fact left the baby phase of life and is now a little person. This fun new phase in life made me so proud and at the same time so sad, she has mastered using the bathroom and quoting one of my favorite Adam Sandler movies she can wipe her own ass. All she struggles with is stopping what she is doing and go to the bathroom, thankfully there are plenty of kids show that cover teaching kids to stop playing and go potty. The one that Gabby quotes for real is Daniel Tiger which is a very cute song and I am thankful she only needs to be reminded about 10% of the time.
Our current youngest daughter is fighting being potty trained however she will sit on the potty about 25% of the time and use it correctly. She has also asked to go to preschool and I am hoping that if I say yes she will be more inclined to learn how to be a big girl in the bathroom. The only reason she needs to be slightly potty trained is the preschool requires that kids are inclined to at least alert the teachers they have to go. The main reason I believe she doesn’t want to learn is….
We are currently pregnant with child number three and it is a BOY! Which is very exciting for us, we weren’t really aiming for a specific gender of child we just wanted one more kid. Which are big changes for our family of four. He is due in September and at the same time hopefully both girls will be in preschool which means we will be out of the house not just twice a week but five days a week.
I would be able to blog and vlog when I am out of the house but my girls have damaged not one but both of my iPad which are out for repairs. The cost is what is keeping me from updating all my social accounts temporarily. But with my husband working the turnaround at the local refinery and warmer weather coming up we will have more experiences to write and talk about. Just a heads up there is a pretty large chance there will be more baby stuff and maybe not so much of what I call adult things.
So thanks for catching up with me and I hope that soon I will be blogging more now that my kids are more active and not so dependent on me, sad but happy mile stones in our family of fun.