Let’s first start off by saying that my husband works for a refinery and sometimes he has to work night shift, which is hard but there are perks. But first some info about my childhood, my father was in the US ARMY and I was brought up with him gone sometimes and this was normal. My mother made it seem like this was normal, we had activities and fun things to do so that my brother and I had no idea that this was not a normal thing that all families do.

So I have become accustomed to not having my other half around all the time, I believe this also makes our relationship stronger. I have the time to miss my husband, I have the gift of missing those annoying habits that would usually drive me crazy. This is something I learned from my Mom, time away from someone makes you realize how much you care for them.

Granted, we have two wonderful little girls and our son due in seven days. I know that they too will understand that time away from the people you love will make the relationship stronger. But the biggest thing I cherish the most is time to do what I want when I want, like my nails before bed, facial or my favorite home hair care routine. It also strengthens the bond I share with my kids.

Tonight my husband is off for a wedding and I get the bedroom to myself tonight. I also get to do a home spa evening because falling asleep is hard to do when you have a watermelon growing in your tummy. So our girls got to go to bed at ten pm, which is way past bedtime and when we have to share a bed in the morning like every morning, there will be plenty of space. We co-sleep because I like that it keeps us close and with my husband being the only on working any time with Mom and Dad is well worth it, and in the winter it is amazing to have so much body heat on cold days.

Well for now I have to rise out the coconut oil from my hair and the oatmeal face mask off, then after shower with a mint body scrub that I have been saving in the One Day I Will Use This Drawer that is filled to the top of products that I save for evenings alone for some pampering myself. I just wish that I saved some candy to snack on or something yummy to spoil myself with even more. But tomorrow I see my other half and get to hear that wonderful I look, and how refreshed I seem and I know that he knows that I spoil myself while he is gone because it is the simple things in life that we treasure. Plus it is nice that he is the one that puts things in my pampering drawer so that one day I get spoil myself.

And in case everyone is wondering, yes I miss him terribly and wished he wasn’t gone from me ever, but that is life and time apart does make the heart grow fonder. Besides being in each others life from eleven years old to now and being married for five years that is 15 plus years of being around each other and I know there are many many more years to come of annoying each other.

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