Yes I am a stay at home mother and yes I am pregnant with our third child a son. Our house only has three bedrooms so our girls share a room with bunk beds that they picked out. Being the smart parents that we are (not feeling it sometimes) we did the stacked thing instead of both on the floor, because having some playing space is important for Mom to keep her sanity (3 kids, hahahaha that’s gone). Which means that they share not only living space, they share closets and toys, and now there is two dressers in their room.

Sharing space is hard, this I know but my girls seem to invade my space often and I love it. Today they have converted the bottom bunk into a cave, which means all of their blankets that I have folded neatly and put away are now tucked into the bunk bed to make it dark. They also have moved all of their stuffed animals from both bunks into one and are giggling away. This happens more than often, I am just glad that they no longer empty out their dresser or closest because folding blankets is easier and quicker than clothes.

It is Wednesday and tomorrow the girls sleep over at Grammie Pammie and Pops for the weekend so that Friday their little brother can be born. They are helpful and excited right now, but I wonder what is going to happen when he is on the outside of Mommy. They can share space with each other they are after all sisters and only 16 months apart, but their little brother is will be three years younger than my youngest daughter.

And now space sounds like we need more, time to log off and start lunch and give them a small break from playing and destroying their room, it’s a PB&J day with more laundry and dishes. I love my life and  love my family.


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