When I was younger I had a plan, an actual life plan. What eight year old has a life plan, a real life plan. I wanted to be a married at twenty-one so I could drink at my wedding, pop out two kids a boy and girl before I was twenty-five and have a cat and a dog. Well my life plan changed when I got older and discovered not just any man would be good enough for my life plan.

I’m freshly thirty and my life plan is complete with some extras. I have two wonderful amazingly smart girls (I know everyone says that but it’s quite impressive many days), a beautiful happy baby boy (who is four months old and already trying to rollover and sit up), two dogs black labs (one is a half lab and something else and both are rescued), two catfish in a fifty gallon tank and a wonderful husband who loves me for me.

Now for the odd news, I never actually gave birth to my children. My body wouldn’t go into labor (which is fine, being told in my late teens/early twenties that getting pregnant might be hard) and having c-sections would be safest for my babies, but could give me health problems if I have many children. Which led my husband and I to the talk of how many kids we want. Three seemed to be the answer, three children. I never had any other dream in life but to be a Mom, that was my ambition in life: MOTHERHOOD.

I got my dream three times over, but then came the other talk birth control or get my tubes tied. I chose getting my tubes tied, by I what I mean is we. I had this discussion with my husband because it’s not just my life it’s our life, and he asked me what else did I want to do in life. Pop out and chase toddler’s the rest of my life or do something else I may like just as much. And for once I had a minor dream, something I love but not as much as being a Mom but nothing will ever come close to my love of being a Mom.

So for me three is plenty, three kids that is. For the rest in life is just extras and perks that came with Motherhood, and I cherish every moment I have. I have accomplished parts my life plan and I am grateful for it.

Sleep well my friends and remember for what makes you happy.


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