First of new year’s resolutions are for the young and silly. It’s called growing up and changing for the better, so put on your laundry day underwear and suck it up buttercup.

My son old enough that he can chill in a play yard or an exer-saucer and be happy as long as he can see me, he is fine. So yesterday’s to do list went great. Got the items done and a wee bit more, awesome feelings all day and night.

Today was murder to get anything done. I don’t know what happened. No judgement for this but the kids and I are finally taking down Christmas decorations and its so hard when you’re the only adult. Christmas is usually my husband’s holiday but he wasn’t feeling it so I took over. Granted it wasn’t as great as what he does but we needed the tree and stockings, so I did the basics. And it seems I’m taking it down with my little helpers who don’t really help. Sad to say only the ornaments and some garland are down but I have no clue what stuff goes into what box. So I’m winging it like nobody’s business and I know come Christmas it’s gonna be a shit show but oh well, not my complete fault. The worst part is now I have to box everything up and Tetris those stupid boxes into our/his shed between other random pass carp we collect.

What the fuck happened today? I woke up with my mantra (I will be refreshed! I will be happy! I’ll get shit* done! *Or your favorite bad word too.) The tree wiped out any momentum I had, the kids kept pulling out ornaments that I just put into boxes with bubble wrap that they keep popping. When I sent them to their room the girls destroyed that after we spent so long cleaning it yesterday and to make it even better poured liquid soap on their beds and floor. Where the soap came from, I’ll never know. To top off the chaos of today everyday single time I had my son asleep in his crib the girls would scream bloody murder or scream cry about nothing and wake him up. The sprinkles on my chaos sundae was nobody listens to me.

But I should just get use to it, the never ending story as an adult. Clean houses aren’t happening with three kids and two dogs, why do I keep trying? Because I’m Mom, nobody wants to admit it but I’m needed all the time everyday and I chose to be happy.

I will wake refreshed.
I will wake happy.
I will get shit done!

Tomorrow I’ll try again, just because today was hard tomorrow might be easier. Tomorrow is a new day with new adventures, and maybe a glass of wine or two to help the day go smoother.


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