Where have I been?

Wow it’s been a while, why because three kids outnumber me and my brain is on Mama Brain function. But my son is almost a year and my oldest goes into kindergarten and our middle goes to preschool 3 times a week coming up. I have given my brain/sanity to three little beings who I love and adore. With that being said I haven’t gone any where but clearly had lost my mind, but it’s back and almost 90% functional. Many things have happened lately and I shall fill you in.


As you have guess I have three children running,walking and crawling around constantly, which means 3 times the messes and 3 times the clean up. But, I have adapted a new theory that has been put to the test repeatedly  (like my requests) that “it’s not my mess, not my clean up”. At first I let my girls room go, I didn’t pick up a single item, I would drag my feet and scoot a path so I could be away the clean clothes. About a week after every item was out the girls complained that their room was to dirty to play in, “not my mess, not my clean up”, but I told them I would help only for big items the rest was up to them. I was always given every excuse in the toddler (big girls) book, my favorite was ‘My knees are to tired’, so I had them sit and clean up. I have even used this as a learning experience for when they would get a job, (we have all been there) I told them that if they do it now then they can relax after and enjoy a movie. It’s amazing how their attitude changed once they realized there was in fact something worth working towards. It did take a bit for the room to get done, so I gave them a bonus, popcorn because sometimes life gives you extra.


And, while teaching my daughters about responsibilities our son started to help pick up. Now I never start teaching kids about cleaning until they are almost 2 but I’m not going to stop someone from learning, also he wants to so badly to be just like his big sister’s. I do correct bad behavior around 1 year old so the they don’t go digging in the trash can or playing with plug-ins  (I have plug covers no worries, FYI dollar tree has some baby proofing stuff), or pulling out our plants  (my poor aloe plant). But no matter how much we try to teach our children, they always have their own agenda and their own way of doing things.

So now with 3 slightly independent children shuffling about and having numerous toys and gates and safety items on almost everything (mostly dangerous things), I have noticed that I seem to has some personal time. Which means I can finally add myself to the list of things/people to take care of and I’m happy about it. Granted it’s sad that my tiny baby boy is no longer tiny and we can tell he will be the big little brother, he doesn’t need me as much so I’m able to put more time and effort into everything and anything.

So basically, I went from having my hands very full (let’s me honest over spilling), not being able to keep a schedule to calm, somewhat organized getting back into the swing of things. And I AM HAPPY!

Until next time me friends.