​so I belong to influenster.com where you do tasks and earn points to help qualify for free samples. Yes completely free all you do is post to social media you honest opinion of the product, and you guessed it. I got lipsticks, not any lipsticks but Super Stay 24 lip color.

Yes, any product that says 24 hours seems to good to be true, but let me tell you I have tried many lip items that state they can last all day and none have made it until now. Yes you read that right it lasted all day and night. 

Now I’m a stay at home Mama of 3, which means three times as many boo-boo’s to kiss, sneaking snacks so I don’t starve, gulping so much coffee and tea I should have stock in coffee beans and tea leaves. One less thing to worry about it amazing, the best part the colors it comes in. These two colors not only are super cute and flawless they come with their own lip balm that you can use over the color or on their own because it’s so moisturising. 

Don’t believe me here are some pictures I took over a two day period, some I have time stamped and the other one I just happened to sleep and woke up, and lips still looking fabulous. 

This photo is from sleeping in makeup, yes I know bad for my skin but it was a rough day.

If you’re looking for some free samples and want to check them out head an over to influenster.com and sign up.


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