Maybelline SuperStay 24 lip color 

​so I belong to where you do tasks and earn points to help qualify for free samples. Yes completely free all you do is post to social media you honest opinion of the product, and you guessed it. I got lipsticks, not any lipsticks but Super Stay 24 lip color.

Yes, any product that says 24 hours seems to good to be true, but let me tell you I have tried many lip items that state they can last all day and none have made it until now. Yes you read that right it lasted all day and night. 

Now I’m a stay at home Mama of 3, which means three times as many boo-boo’s to kiss, sneaking snacks so I don’t starve, gulping so much coffee and tea I should have stock in coffee beans and tea leaves. One less thing to worry about it amazing, the best part the colors it comes in. These two colors not only are super cute and flawless they come with their own lip balm that you can use over the color or on their own because it’s so moisturising. 

Don’t believe me here are some pictures I took over a two day period, some I have time stamped and the other one I just happened to sleep and woke up, and lips still looking fabulous. 

This photo is from sleeping in makeup, yes I know bad for my skin but it was a rough day.

If you’re looking for some free samples and want to check them out head an over to and sign up.

Mommy Mayhem

First of new year’s resolutions are for the young and silly. It’s called growing up and changing for the better, so put on your laundry day underwear and suck it up buttercup.

My son old enough that he can chill in a play yard or an exer-saucer and be happy as long as he can see me, he is fine. So yesterday’s to do list went great. Got the items done and a wee bit more, awesome feelings all day and night.

Today was murder to get anything done. I don’t know what happened. No judgement for this but the kids and I are finally taking down Christmas decorations and its so hard when you’re the only adult. Christmas is usually my husband’s holiday but he wasn’t feeling it so I took over. Granted it wasn’t as great as what he does but we needed the tree and stockings, so I did the basics. And it seems I’m taking it down with my little helpers who don’t really help. Sad to say only the ornaments and some garland are down but I have no clue what stuff goes into what box. So I’m winging it like nobody’s business and I know come Christmas it’s gonna be a shit show but oh well, not my complete fault. The worst part is now I have to box everything up and Tetris those stupid boxes into our/his shed between other random pass carp we collect.

What the fuck happened today? I woke up with my mantra (I will be refreshed! I will be happy! I’ll get shit* done! *Or your favorite bad word too.) The tree wiped out any momentum I had, the kids kept pulling out ornaments that I just put into boxes with bubble wrap that they keep popping. When I sent them to their room the girls destroyed that after we spent so long cleaning it yesterday and to make it even better poured liquid soap on their beds and floor. Where the soap came from, I’ll never know. To top off the chaos of today everyday single time I had my son asleep in his crib the girls would scream bloody murder or scream cry about nothing and wake him up. The sprinkles on my chaos sundae was nobody listens to me.

But I should just get use to it, the never ending story as an adult. Clean houses aren’t happening with three kids and two dogs, why do I keep trying? Because I’m Mom, nobody wants to admit it but I’m needed all the time everyday and I chose to be happy.

I will wake refreshed.
I will wake happy.
I will get shit done!

Tomorrow I’ll try again, just because today was hard tomorrow might be easier. Tomorrow is a new day with new adventures, and maybe a glass of wine or two to help the day go smoother.

Three for me, thankful for plenty

When I was younger I had a plan, an actual life plan. What eight year old has a life plan, a real life plan. I wanted to be a married at twenty-one so I could drink at my wedding, pop out two kids a boy and girl before I was twenty-five and have a cat and a dog. Well my life plan changed when I got older and discovered not just any man would be good enough for my life plan.

I’m freshly thirty and my life plan is complete with some extras. I have two wonderful amazingly smart girls (I know everyone says that but it’s quite impressive many days), a beautiful happy baby boy (who is four months old and already trying to rollover and sit up), two dogs black labs (one is a half lab and something else and both are rescued), two catfish in a fifty gallon tank and a wonderful husband who loves me for me.

Now for the odd news, I never actually gave birth to my children. My body wouldn’t go into labor (which is fine, being told in my late teens/early twenties that getting pregnant might be hard) and having c-sections would be safest for my babies, but could give me health problems if I have many children. Which led my husband and I to the talk of how many kids we want. Three seemed to be the answer, three children. I never had any other dream in life but to be a Mom, that was my ambition in life: MOTHERHOOD.

I got my dream three times over, but then came the other talk birth control or get my tubes tied. I chose getting my tubes tied, by I what I mean is we. I had this discussion with my husband because it’s not just my life it’s our life, and he asked me what else did I want to do in life. Pop out and chase toddler’s the rest of my life or do something else I may like just as much. And for once I had a minor dream, something I love but not as much as being a Mom but nothing will ever come close to my love of being a Mom.

So for me three is plenty, three kids that is. For the rest in life is just extras and perks that came with Motherhood, and I cherish every moment I have. I have accomplished parts my life plan and I am grateful for it.

Sleep well my friends and remember for what makes you happy.

Memories I chose to forget

There are memories that people choose to remember, happy times with family and friends, new adventures that help you discover who you really are deep inside. But the mind is an amazing thing, it can trick you into being brave and something I find useful block or forget bad memories. That is what this blog is about, memories that I had chosen to forget either I chose to forget these or my life is finally full of happiness that my mind has filed these past experiences in a box way in the back of my mind. Either way here comes a dark stack of memories that have come to light even just for a moment so people know they are not alone.

Relationships are hard work is a lie that people tell each other because they don’t want to face the fact that it is the end of their love life temporarily. I always thought that it was hard work that got you ahead in life I foolishly applied this to all my romantic relationships, this was horribly wrong. Love is easy, trust is hard that is what makes life hard.

I start all relationships completely trusting people, I will always trust people when I meet them but it is up to them to not break that trust because once it’s broken it’s almost impossible for me to trust them again. My husband found me after someone had broken me mentally and slightly physically. This was a dark phase in my life and I see why my mind keeps it in the back of my mind behind all my happy memories, this is a toxin and it must not be mixed in with my current happy life. Why destroy happiness with a dark toxin that will take me down a dark path that in turn will destroy all I have now.

Without getting into much detail about things I can say that I thought little of myself only due to my significant other saying things that would make me question things that I used to do that made me happy. They would say things to control me and I didn’t even know it, the worst part is everyone around me noticed and would confront me about it, but all I did was make excuses. That is not love. They would call me at work to make sure I was in fact at work, many times they would drive by multiple times and even come in and sit at my job as if they were protecting their property, I was property to them not a human being with feelings and emotions but an object that was theirs. This is not love.

Looking back I noticed that their family questioned why I was with their child, and yet again I made excuses. I would always tell their family that you can’t pick and choose parts of someone that you love you love them completely or not at all, what a fool I was. Everyone was trying to get me to open my eyes about this person and I ignored all the signs, I blinded myself because I thought it was love. It was not love, it was toxic. Their own family knew what was going on and tried over and over to open my eyes and I refused their help by always making excuses.

The biggest problem was between work and college I was paying their way in life, I was their money line and took care of them. That is not love, this was control and I was not in control. I also turned to alcohol to numb myself sometimes when even I didn’t believe my own excuses about our relationship. But one day after hanging around my family, all my family and my significant other didn’t come to yet again another family thing that I cared about I didn’t make any excuses to anyone, not even me. That was the last straw, I was done.

No more apologies from them for accidentally hitting my arm to hard, or grabbing my wrist to tight. No more excuses for their bad attitude everyday because their life is so hard doing nothing. No more making me feel bad for hanging out with my friends because I haven’t seen my friends in months. No more putting myself last when I was never even consider top ten in their life. No more checking in at work to see if I was actually there. No more of letting someone control my life. It is my life and I can choose who I want in my life and what I want to do.

So when I can home that night to my apartment that I paid all the bills for mine and theirs I said I am done. They seemed confused and I said congrats you are no single and I am going home to my parents. The moment those words left my mouth my body felt to much lighter. I felt a warmth spread over my body like a blanket fresh from the dryer wrapped around me. I packed some things and left, my parents were surprised to see me so soon again, and I told them what I did they asked if I wanted to talk about it and I said I just want to move on and put all this behind me. They never asked me again if I wanted to talk about it, I never did again till a few days ago with my cousin. She told me she sort of knew something wasn’t right in that relationship, I wasn’t really shocked that she knew. I was more shocked of how blind I made myself to ignoring everyone’s help.

After something so dark and toxic you may wonder how was I able to find actual true love. Well my husband never gave up, even when I said that I wasn’t looking for love and that I was dating a few people. Yes actual dating nothing sexual, well some sexual after all I was free and put myself first and I am human. I had to be single and put myself first for a while to discover who I was without someone controlling me. It was amazing to discover things in life again, it was more amazing to see how much I loved myself. I had to learn that all over again before I could actually love another person again. This takes time and I had to do this alone and sometimes with friends because surrounding myself with love and happiness is the best way to heal. And to my dismay my husband never gave up, he friended me on myspace when it was the main site to be on, then later he would visit me at work and bring me flowers just because they made him think of me, and finally he would text me just to say hi and that he missed me. Granted I have never been wooed like this before ever I just knew deep down that I should give my husband a chance and I’m glad I did. He waited so patiently for me to be ready to open my broken and beaten heart for love once again. That is love.

My husband still to this day woos me, granted the gifts are smaller and not expensive but the fact he thinks of me often is amazing and I think of him often. We have three children all close in age, two girls and a boy they are a reminder that happiness is easy. Love is easy when you are with the right person, life becomes easier, everything is easier when it is the right person who you share your life with. If you’re wondering if we fight we do, but it is nothing ever serious. More like who ate the last cookie or who keeps stealing all the covers, my personal favorite is those silly scrunched faces we make at each other because we are silly and know not to take life to seriously. That is love, being ourselves completely and not worrying if they will still love us for showing our truest self. Happiness and love, that is easy. That is life.

2 girls sharing space,sisters

Yes I am a stay at home mother and yes I am pregnant with our third child a son. Our house only has three bedrooms so our girls share a room with bunk beds that they picked out. Being the smart parents that we are (not feeling it sometimes) we did the stacked thing instead of both on the floor, because having some playing space is important for Mom to keep her sanity (3 kids, hahahaha that’s gone). Which means that they share not only living space, they share closets and toys, and now there is two dressers in their room.

Sharing space is hard, this I know but my girls seem to invade my space often and I love it. Today they have converted the bottom bunk into a cave, which means all of their blankets that I have folded neatly and put away are now tucked into the bunk bed to make it dark. They also have moved all of their stuffed animals from both bunks into one and are giggling away. This happens more than often, I am just glad that they no longer empty out their dresser or closest because folding blankets is easier and quicker than clothes.

It is Wednesday and tomorrow the girls sleep over at Grammie Pammie and Pops for the weekend so that Friday their little brother can be born. They are helpful and excited right now, but I wonder what is going to happen when he is on the outside of Mommy. They can share space with each other they are after all sisters and only 16 months apart, but their little brother is will be three years younger than my youngest daughter.

And now space sounds like we need more, time to log off and start lunch and give them a small break from playing and destroying their room, it’s a PB&J day with more laundry and dishes. I love my life and  love my family.

Why I love when my husband is gone

Let’s first start off by saying that my husband works for a refinery and sometimes he has to work night shift, which is hard but there are perks. But first some info about my childhood, my father was in the US ARMY and I was brought up with him gone sometimes and this was normal. My mother made it seem like this was normal, we had activities and fun things to do so that my brother and I had no idea that this was not a normal thing that all families do.

So I have become accustomed to not having my other half around all the time, I believe this also makes our relationship stronger. I have the time to miss my husband, I have the gift of missing those annoying habits that would usually drive me crazy. This is something I learned from my Mom, time away from someone makes you realize how much you care for them.

Granted, we have two wonderful little girls and our son due in seven days. I know that they too will understand that time away from the people you love will make the relationship stronger. But the biggest thing I cherish the most is time to do what I want when I want, like my nails before bed, facial or my favorite home hair care routine. It also strengthens the bond I share with my kids.

Tonight my husband is off for a wedding and I get the bedroom to myself tonight. I also get to do a home spa evening because falling asleep is hard to do when you have a watermelon growing in your tummy. So our girls got to go to bed at ten pm, which is way past bedtime and when we have to share a bed in the morning like every morning, there will be plenty of space. We co-sleep because I like that it keeps us close and with my husband being the only on working any time with Mom and Dad is well worth it, and in the winter it is amazing to have so much body heat on cold days.

Well for now I have to rise out the coconut oil from my hair and the oatmeal face mask off, then after shower with a mint body scrub that I have been saving in the One Day I Will Use This Drawer that is filled to the top of products that I save for evenings alone for some pampering myself. I just wish that I saved some candy to snack on or something yummy to spoil myself with even more. But tomorrow I see my other half and get to hear that wonderful I look, and how refreshed I seem and I know that he knows that I spoil myself while he is gone because it is the simple things in life that we treasure. Plus it is nice that he is the one that puts things in my pampering drawer so that one day I get spoil myself.

And in case everyone is wondering, yes I miss him terribly and wished he wasn’t gone from me ever, but that is life and time apart does make the heart grow fonder. Besides being in each others life from eleven years old to now and being married for five years that is 15 plus years of being around each other and I know there are many many more years to come of annoying each other.

Time wasted on nothingness

Nothing seemed so important to me than my cell phone. It was everything clock, contact with people and boredom fixer. All of us read about how technology is sucking away our lives and we don’t even notice it. There were plenty of media coverage and blogs that stated how we depend on our technology so much more now that everything is in arms reach. What happened to face to face conversations and the old fashion letters that we use to look forward to? Many of us have traded a large part of our time and connection to another human being for something that is instant and seemed like it helps our friendships.

I decided that on Sunday January 25 that I would turn my cell phone off, I didn’t cancel my account I simply powered down my cell. And guess what, I have more time for things and spend more time with my family. Face to face time seemed almost new to me, I realized that I am in fact missing out on important things in my family’s life. It has only been about three days and I can say that yes it was hard not to log onto all my social media sites and see what people were doing. But today I noticed that I just don’t care. Many of the social sites I belong to were always full of people venting out their issues, calling out someone who did them wrong, or some silly link to another website for something that they considered funny. But I think about it now and really it is a media site full of people who are giving up on real relationships for ones that satisfies them instantly. I am tired of that, I had many ‘friends’ and ‘followers’ on my social media sites but I only really knew about 10 of them personally.

Now I know going cell phone less seems like a challenge but I do carry it still for safety reasons, however, it sits in my purse shut off but charged. Being able to get a hold of people instantly was hard to give up the first day or so but today I enjoy the silence of my house. I spend time with my girls, clean my house and am able to remember who I was before that little machine took over a part in my life. I am happy with my choice to be without my cell for a week. I don’t really care that Sunday is coming up and I will be turning it back on, but my new rule will be to power down that little sucker at 6 pm every day. But I know for a fact that just like social media not a lot of people would message my cell phone to see what I am doing, because nobody cares. Like on social media sites nobody really cares they just give the illusion that they care because it makes them feel better.

I have gone back to a schedule that I had before the cell phone was by my side. I have realized that I need to find my watch, but times seems to still pass as before, it would just help if I didn’t have to search for a clock to figure out the time. I actually watch television shows now; I pay attention and follow along. I caught myself watching a show that I thought I would never watch before because social media didn’t have any influence on my choice anymore. It didn’t matter if someone thought this show sucked or was boring, I like it. Without the constant opinions of others to sway how I make choices on what I want to watch or wear I am able to be the individual I was growing up. I just don’t care if someone dislikes the shows I like, I don’t care if they are negative. These so called friends aren’t in my life now because neither they nor I made a step towards the friendship.

I have time for me, I can knit if I want, or bake or my favorite just sit and drink my tea and look around at my life and find myself completely satisfied that I have in fact accomplished half of my dream of being a Mom. The dream it not done yet, for I am still living it.

Summer time and kids

I love my kids, but during the summer time it’s harder to have them listen. I know it’s only because they are outside and we have tons of backyard goodies for them.

Let me explain what we have for them, and there are quite a few back there. So we have the simple basic things like; a kiddie pool (ours inflates) and this is our third one, Dakota took two huge bits out of a free larger one (where it has a top ring you inflate with air and fill up this pool) so all that is left is the filter, a smaller shallow inflatable one, not sure how that one popped but it was only 5$, and lastly the one my parents gave us because they don’t use it that often (somehow there is small leak that we can’t find to save out life’s). We have tried the plastic hard shaped ones last year but one flew off during the winter somehow and the replacement one somehow cracked (maybe during the winter) and the dogs used it for play also. I think we just have a hard time with pools. But there is a slip-n-slide that works perfectly with our backyard, we have a slight down grade backyard so our pools always have a deep end, but the kids never seem to mind.

We also have a typical swing set, it was free and with some spray paint and a few screws, it was basically brand new. It comes with 2 swings (one normal and one seat type one for babies) and sea-saw and the double type swing (it’s a lot like sea-saw but not up and down it’s back and forth).

Then we have that first tiny slide that you buy when your kids climb and want small exciting things, and our ‘tree house’ it’s a two level Little Tykes play house and it has a swing with the bucket type seat and a larger longer slide, this was a gift for our younger daughters birthday, there is also a sort of clubhouse space underneath but the kids don’t care much about that. We don’t have trees that we can build in (really not trees) so them calling it a treehouse is cute.

And I have garden, but it’s mostly weeds and dirt so I don’t really care if the kids play in the dirt, for now. Our baby plants aren’t big enough for outside yet so the dirt playing is okay for now. Just means it’s bath time that night.

So yes I understand that coming in for nap time is not the most exciting thing to do, but lunch and snacks are outside and I do skip naps sometimes when I have lots of house work to do, but I won’t lie some days I play outside with them. Some times I tan and they copy me and I think that skipping housework to enjoy time with my girls are fine because they won’t be tiny girls who want to be just like me forever.

But before bed I do make sure they pick up some toys and laundry just so they know that you can fill a day with fun and games but you should clean up just a little before bed. I am excited that the girls will be partaking in the garden this year, they have picked out chocolate mint, two types tomatoes,
some lettuce, and green onions. Maybe next year my seedlings will actually take off instead of the weeds taking over.

Well now go outside and enjoy the weather!

Simple money saving things I do

I posted on where I find good deals and what to look for but now you can see a few simple ways I save money at home.

Kool-aid/punchI hit up my local Dollar Tree (store of cheap good items) there are some things I love to get and one thing I buy are punch mixes, but the only difference is I buy the single ones you can add to your water bottle and use those (not in a single water bottle).  I use 2 or 3 depending on how large of a container you are putting them in, and add sugar after I have added in the water (again this is all on how large of a container and how sweet you want it).



Food storage

Never throw out jusice containers or bulk plastic jugs, I use mine to store my sugar, flour, rice, and other dry baking/cooking products. If you can’t remove the label or it is a dark container I would use a paint pen and label my containers. I also use the old juice and soda bottles for things like kool-aid. After all why throw away something that could help keep items together (and lets face it those paper bags they come in suck). I also store my bulk beans and unopened pasta in a basket so they’re not floating bags of food that could fall and burst open. 



Come back soon, I might have some new tips or just something that has been on my mind. Who knows?!




coupons, freebies, giveaways myway

I have been doing these things for about a year now and I have had some success and some crap-shoot too. The best thing to do is keep trying and keep clipping to save money, and freebies are always a nice surprise in the mailbox. Also get a coupon holder, many dollar stores carry them, I have coupons that don’t expire for 2 years in mine and it’s good to hold them in the same place.

A few hints that help:

 ~you might need many social media accounts to get freebies (ie: Twitter, Facebook, Vine,etc) these help you find freebies and follow companies that give special deals to their customers.

~having more than one email, this way one is for personal things like family and friends and the other for companies that send out newsletters. Many newsletters contain printable coupons or even a link for free sample even recipes (also you can possibly snake extra samples with multiple emails)

~stores that have a customer card that costs nothing, you want to get. Big Lots for one sends newsletters about special deals that they don’t publish in the paper. Some stores also have loadable cards so you don’t have to clip so many coupons.

~this becomes your hobby, it pretty much it a part time job if you can manage it

~check many sites, they may have the same things listed but sometimes they don’t  This website has listings for coupons, free stuff, giveaways, deals, does a coupon matchup for you and if you are friends on Facebook she lists her winners for giveaways she puts on herself. This site also has listings for free stuff, ad previews (some before they hit the newspaper), online deals, and printable coupons. This one also has a section on how to use coupons to the max.  This site is more is a community of trendsetters, social media masterminds, and educated consumers who live to give opinions of products and experiences. Influenster invites its most active members to participate in exclusive VoxBox programs where members receive complimentary products to test and review. In exchange, we ask our members to do what they already love to do: share their opinions with their friends & followers on social media. This site uses a lot of those media accounts, I have does 5 boxes and won 2 larger prizes picked by the actual companies.